It seems that the latest rumors were, in fact, pretty accurate. No, we won’t be seeing a D400 anytime soon (sorry!), but a D4s is on the horizon according to Nikon’s latest press release.

Pretty much the only details about the new flagship camera that Nikon was willing to share with us is that we can expect a new image processing engine, and better autofocus. Sadly, that is about as many details we have about the new D4s, just that it is on it’s way. Nikon has a prototype in a glass box at CES, but really it just looks like a regular ol’ D4. Similar to how the D300s looks exactly like the D300, or the D610 to the D600.


So now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, what sort of improvements to the D4 can really be made? Sure, Nikon can up the hardware inside a bit with the new processor – but as far as we know the sensor will be exactly the same. Everyone I have talked to that owns a D4 is overly happy with it and has no reason to upgrade. So the question is, what about the D4s – if anything – will make these people want to ditch a perfectly amazing camera in the D4 for a D4s?

Only time will tell. Until we have more details on the D4s it is really all just speculation and conjecture.