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Nikon Announces Hilariously Vague Firmware Update For D750

By Anthony Thurston on May 21st 2015

In an age where mirrorless camera makers release detailed firmware updates full of new features, updated features and bug fixes, we have come to expect a level of transparency and information regarding these updates.


Today, Nikon announced probably the most vague and pointless – as far as I can tell – firmware update for the D750 that I have ever seen come across my desk. Firmware C:1.02, comes with only the following description in regards to what was changed on the camera: “Camera operation is now more reliable.”

While I am sure that we can all agree that a camera being updated to ‘operate more reliably’ is a good thing. However, the level of vagueness here is borderline incompetent from Nikon. We want to now HOW it is being made more reliable. What issues were addressed?

I don’t think I will ever expect Nikon, or Canon for that matter, to start doing firmware updates like the mirrorless companies do. But if they could stick to their own standards that would be great; this is a new low for Nikon.

We appreciate any updates to make our cameras run better, of course, but some more information here is necessary. Am I wrong here? Am I the only one who finds this absurd? It is almost like Nikon is trolling us.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Nikon be more specific about what changes are being made to your camera? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Nikon]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Denise Botaya

    Hey, I recently bought the Nikon D750, and the most irritating issue I find in it is that the monitor turns on whenever I want to change the ISO, WB, or QUALITY, instead of showing it on the LCD control panel. I do social photography and this doesn’t help at all. Turning the monitor on while a night party is just so annoying!! Does anyone else experienced this?

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  2. Frank Vee

    The date on the firmware bin file shows modified date Nov 12, 2015. We actually got a change log this time.

    Here is a list of the fixes:

    • An External recording control option has been added to the HDMI item in the SETUP MENU. If the camera is connected via HDMI to a third-party recorder that supports the Atomos Open Protocol (the Atomos SHOGUN, NINJA2, or NINJA BLADE), selecting On allows camera controls to be used to start and stop recording. More information is available in a supplementary manual.
    Note:Choose an option other than 576p (progressive) or 480p (progressive) for HDMI > Output resolution in the SETUP MENU.
    • Fixed the following issues:

    – The brightness of the live view photography display would not change when a command dial was rotated to adjust exposure compensation with On (Auto reset) selected for b Metering/exposure > b3 Easy exposure compensation > Easy exposure compensation in the CUSTOM SETTING MENU.
    – Although the preview button would stop the lens down to maximum aperture when assigned the Preview role, the maximum aperture indicator would not appear in the monitor.
    – In rare cases, the shutter would not be released when the user attempted to take photographs in movie live view.
    – About 4 seconds of static could be heard on audio recorded with external HDMI recorders during movie live view.
    – The shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity displayed in the monitor during movie live view would differ from values in the final movie file.
    – Part of the focus point would disappear if the user zoomed in while the framing grid was displayed.
    – Volume could sometimes not be adjusted if movies were played with indicators hidden during full-frame playback (None (image only)).
    – Exposure compensation would fail to produce the desired results if a negative value was selected when NEF (RAW) images were processed using the NEF (RAW) processing option in the RETOUCH MENU.
    – Images would in rare cases fail to record correctly with HDR (high dynamic range) selected in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU.
    – If On was selected for Exposure smoothing during interval timer photography, every frame after the first would be overexposed.
    – File numbers were not assigned in the proper sequence.
    – The focus point would not be displayed in the correct location in the monitor.
    – In some languages, characters or parts of characters would be missing from the SETUP MENU > Location data > Position display.
    – In some languages, characters or parts of characters would be missing from the SETUP MENU > AF fine-tune > List saved values display.
    – In some regions, nothing would be displayed when Conformity marking was selected in the SETUP MENU.

    • Some help text has been changed.
    • Optimal vibration reduction is now available with vibration reduction lenses.

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  3. Frank Vee

    The D750 has a new C firmware version C 1.10 released Oct – Nov 2015. Here is the link to the Nikon firmware page.

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  4. Neil Henretty

    I agree completely. Anytime, any company, updates any firmware, it should be clearly stated as to it’s full purpose. When details are left out, I get leary of what they might not be telling me.

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  5. Frank Vee

    I updated to the new firmware ver C 1.02 and formatted my cards after it was completed. Seems to be a bit quicker acquiring focus which was already very fast. FPS stayed the same, buffering is the same. Live view displays quicker. I will post anything new that I come across that is different from ver C 1.01

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  6. Frank Vee

    Nikon, a list of what was done to make it more reliable is owed to your customers. – AKA change log

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  7. Matt Owen

    My D750 would always show up late and never returned a phone call. This update fixed all that.

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  8. Holger Foysi

    Nikon could of course be more specific. But to use words like _hilarious_ and _incompetent_ is way over the top in my opinion. Would you have written it similarly if it were Fuji?

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  9. Graham Curran

    Better this than “hilarious firmware.”

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  10. alistair heaton

    This is personal theory based from a user group of 6K and owning the camera since release. With enough systems knowledge to be dangerous but not really having a clue.

    It seemed in the group there was a regular issue with data cards, the 32GB ones giving the most problems.

    The camera seemed extremely sensitive to any changes to the file system on the card away from out the packet virgin format. If it encountered an issue it would hang sometimes for 2-3 seconds sometimes requiring the battery to be pulled to reset.

    This occurred when card access was initialized or accessed eg playback.

    When running in backup card 2 mode seem to give the most problems.

    The fix was discovered to be to use the SDcard association formatter and give the card a full format using it.

    Post firmware upgrade there is now seems to be no delays, but we will have to wait a week or two to see what the pro’s who are firing hundreds of shots a day are experiencing.

    So I am thinking they have revamped the disk/file system quite extensively.

    With any luck they have bitten the bullet and paid Microsoft for an ex-fat filesystem license which it holds the patent for. If they have done that and implemented it in firmware instead of FUSE in the processor it should give significant performance boost. Apart from solving the delay issue it should hopefully give an increase to the FPS in buffer full continuous mode.

    As I said this is just a personal theory and could very well be rubbish and the firmware is something completely different.

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  11. Ben Young

    I always like to see the changelog

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  12. Matthew Saville

    Well, I’ll download and install it and let you know if anything changes. ;-)

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  13. Rob Harris

    This sentence is a sentence.

    If you want a story of what is actually being done, please purchase a mirror less camera that receives updates like a Microsoft computer – updates required to operate as intended and necessary to install if you want everything to work as originally sold to you.

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  14. Nick Viton

    Maybe some things got lost in translation from Japanese to English.

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  15. Luca Albertalli

    I’ve been in the position of writing Release Notes for consumer product in the past. I understand the “outrage”, but sometimes it gets difficult. If you are not releasing shiny new features what you should write? If there’s a well-known bug you should note it, otherwise it is very difficult to tell what is changed. Many times it is not a secret, it’s just some details very difficult to describe or something related to third party devices. Impossible to write something meaningful.
    Obviously, you could write it in a better way like Apple usually does, but it doesn’t add meaning.
    tl;dr: I agree on the point but try to put yourself in the shoes of the release notes writer, sometimes this is the best you can say without losing time in useless and boring details.

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  16. Thomas Horton

    (waving hands) this is not the firmware you were looking for. You can go now.

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  17. Zachary Graben

    Who cares? As long is it works and we can focus on creative stuff not the technical part. That’s there job.

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    • Thomas Horton

      Yeah but you can’t complain on the Internets Tubes if the update simply says
      “we fixed some stuff”

      How can a customer muster up the required outrage with that????

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    • J. Dennis Thomas

      If Fuji pulled this people would still be excited. They would say it was some super-speedy AF update that was so secret that couldn’t say what it was because the DSLR magnates would try to steal it.

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    • Petr Kulda

      Exactly. This game with evolving firmware is just smoke screen to hide fact, that they cannot make it right in first plkace. Samsung, Fuji, Olympus, name others.

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    • Dustin Baugh

      Odd that this thread has evolved to somehow blame Mirrorless for Nikon’s half-assed description.

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    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I don’t see anyone placing blame on mirrorless cameras for anything.

      Just a few people making observations about how firmware updates are perceived by owners of different brands.

      Nikon owners complain about firmware updates. Canon users rarely get firmware updates or make their own (magic lantern) and Fuji owners love firmware updates.

      Nobody even typed the word “mirrorless” until you. Then you felt the need to defend something that wasn’t being attacked.

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  18. J. Dennis Thomas

    Firmware C usually pertains to lens correction information and peripherals like Live View and WiFi.

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