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Nikon Also Denies Samsung Purchase, Olympus F/1.2 Primes Confirmed? Lightroom Mobile Is Free! {Daily Roundup}

By Anthony Thurston on December 8th 2015

Welcome to our roundup series where we will hit on several gear news and rumor topics each day. This gives you a chance to get caught up on all of the day’s news and rumors in one place. Make sure to check back daily for the latest gear news, rumors, and announcements.

Now Nikon, Too, Denies Samsung Purchase Rumors


Well, Nikon and Samsung are virtually assured to be working together in some fashion, as it has come out that now Nikon is also denying rumors that the two companies have bought Samsung’s NX technology. This is one of the first times, possibly the first time ever, that Nikon has ever responded to a rumor directly.

This makes two denials, from both companies, so maybe it’s true and Nikon didn’t buy Samsung’s NX tech. But I find it hard to believe that nothing is going on here. Many rumors are now saying that maybe it’s just that Nikon has bought some FF mirrorless tech from Samsung, not the whole NX system.

Still several weeks from CES and that big Samsung announcement, though. Hopefully, we will know more then. In the meantime, this makes for some really good rumor discussions to close out the year.

Rumor Site ‘Confirms’ Olympus F/1.2 Lenses Incoming


I shared the rumor a while back that Olympus had some plans to release a new line of F/1.2 prime lenses for the M4/3 system in the upcoming year. Today, a new rumor report ‘confirms’ that rumor, saying that a roadmap of multiple F/1.2 primes will be announced in Spring of 2016.

As I said when this rumor first cropped up, I think this is great news for Olympus fans and fans of M4/3 altogether. While these would not be the fastest lenses available for the micro four thirds system, they would be brand name lenses, and optically (we assume) stellar compared to other third-party super fast lenses for the system.

I have been a big fan of using old Olympus OM F/1.2 primes on my Sony mirrorless, and I would be incredibly jealous of the micro four thirds shooters when they do get these newer versions of those lenses.

Lightroom Mobile On Android Is Now Free


The big news out of Adobe land over the last day is the news that Lightroom Mobile for Android is now free, no CC subscription required. This brings the Android version in line with the iOS version that has been free for some time now.

If you look into it though, it doesn’t tell the whole story. While you can now use Lightroom Mobile for free, you can’t actually sync it with your desktop Lightroom software unless you have that CC subscription. So, while you can use it for free, you can’t get its full benefit without that CC subscription.

That said, I think that this is good news all around. It’s good to have both major mobile platforms supported with free versions and on equal footing.

What are your thoughts on today’s roundup? What news/rumors did we miss? What would you like to see covered in future roundups? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Dave Haynie

    I messed around with Lightroom on my 12.2″ Android tablet… you’d think it would be nice. It’s rather useless. The big problem is that Lightroom on Android will show local photos (on the tablet), it’ll show photos you have uploaded to collections in Adobe’s “cloud”, but it won’t do what 99% of users probably want: show me photos over my local network that live on my PC, server, NAS, wherever. Just let me remotely browse existing catalogs… I don’t want to spend weeks and my whole internet quota (ok, not everyone’s on a satellite internet connection, but still, the speed is a big issue) uploading photos.

    Seems to me that Adobe is using this as a carrot to get you paying extra for online storage.

    | |
  2. Dave Haynie

    Damn f/1.2 lenses.. this could get expensive. I’m already digging having f/2.8 or better at nearly every focal length with the OM-D system. And it stands to reason that since the f/1.8 primes are “premium” Zuikos, not “PRO”, that Olympus has always planned something higher-end.

    | |
  3. Dave Haynie

    Well, that’s the tale from Nikon. But like Samsung, they’re specifically saying that Nikon isn’t buying the NX system. Which is actually the least credible part of that rumor, IMHO anyway, as it would suggest that Nikon has no interest in full frame mirrorless. I tend to believe that either Nikon has no interest in professional mirrorless, or they’re all in. Not some place in the middle.

    On the other hand, they specifically didn’t mention the far more interesting part of the rumor, that Nikon and Samsung would be collaborating, establishing a strategic alliance, some kind of deal on large sensors that would give Nikon what they can’t get from Sony, and give Samsung a much larger market.

    Sure, this could be 100% vapor. I’ll admit that back in my Commodore days, usually at the CES show, a bunch of us would try to think up some juicy rumors about Apple, Atari, or some other competitor, and see if we could leak those out and seem them reported. And that was pre-internet! So it’s not impossible that some of these rumors originate this way, or just on creative thinking of someone on just what kind of relationships really would make sense.

    | |
  4. Jean-Francois Perreault

    I still don’t get why would the announcement come from Samsung. Usually, it’s the buyer that makes the announcement, not the seller.
    So if something really is going on, it sounds more like a partnership between the two companies. Samsung announcing they will provide Nikon with their sensors could make more sense.

    | |