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New Report Says Nikon 300mm F/4 Update On The Way | Rumor

By Anthony Thurston on December 20th 2014

If you are a Nikon shooter who likes to shoot any sort of wildlife or sports, no doubt you have considered the 300mm F/4 at one time or another. The lens offers the reach and superb image quality expected of Nikon, without the extreme price associated with the 300mm F/2.8.

The current 300mm F/4 though, is starting to show its age against the competition, and a new rumor points to the possibility of Nikon updating the 300mm F/4 very soon.


Nikkor 300mm F/4 VR Lens Rumor

According to a report over on Nikon rumors, Nikon is gearing up to announce a new 300m F/4 lens with VR. The new lens with VR alone would be a nice upgrade over Nikon’s current 300mm F/4, but in addition to the image stabilization, the lens is rumored to have Nano and Fluorine coatings.

The current 300mm F/4 sells for between $1300 and $1400 usually, but given the significant upgrades, I wouldn’t expect the price stay the same. If I had to guess, I would expect around a $2,000 price tag on the new version. That said, $2,000 is a lot for an F/4 lens, especially one limited to 300mm.

The Sigma 150-600mm Sports lens is also priced at $2,000, and while the aperture is not a constant F/4, you get a lot more flexibility with regards to range. So it will be interesting to see if Nikon keeps the price down or bumps it up as I expect.

What are your thoughts on this rumor? Would you like to see a new Nikkor 30mm F/4? Leave a comment below!

[via Nikon Rumors]

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  1. David Hall

    Knowing Nikon, your estimated price range is low. I figure they’ll come in closer to $2,500. Now, for the cost difference, I’d rather go with the Sigma 300mm f/2.8 APO EX DG Auto Focus Telephoto Lens for Nikon, which comes in at $3,400. If I purchase a 300mm lens, I want every amount of f-stop I can get out of it.

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  2. Holger Foysi

    Depends on the price. But when paired with 1.4x and D810 I can get to 600mm in crop mode, 300 at f4 or 420 at 5.6 with one lens, very nice. On the other hand, the newer 80-400G lens is no slouch either and around 1900 Euros here. I want one of those. My decision will be based on weight + final price.

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  3. Rafael Steffen

    Thanks for sharing this article from Nikon Rumors! I think only professionals that shoot wildfile or sports bother to invest in such a limited lens.

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