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Nikon 24mm F/1.8 Coming Soon? | Rumor

By Anthony Thurston on November 21st 2014

Nikon is feeling pretty good after the release of the D750. Almost everyone that I know who has held it and shot with it has been extremely happy with the new FX body. Looking to build upon that success, Nikon is gearing up for a couple of announcements at the beginning of 2015.




Nikon To Announce 24mm F/1.8G?

According to the latest report from Nikon Rumors, the camera maker is poised to announce a new 24mm F/1.8G towards the beginning of 2015 (January-February). This would mark the 5th F/1.8 prime lens in Nikon’s system, all of which have been very well received for their near F/1.4 performance at a fraction of the cost.

If true, this lens would be Nikon’s fifth 24mm lens, joining the Nikkor AF-S 24mm f/1.4G EDNikkor AF 24mm f/2.8DNikkor AIS 24mm f/2.8 and Nikkor PC-E 24mm f/3.5D ED. I know many who would love a cheaper F/1.8 edition of the 24mm, so this will likely be good news to them.

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In addition to the 24mm F/1.8, NR is reporting that it will be accompanied by a new DX camera body. Though at this time they are not saying what body, but given Canon’s recent announcement of the 7D Mark II and the Samsung NX1, which both blow the D7100 out of the water, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the D7200 (or the fabled D400/D9300).

It will be interesting to see what Nikon comes up with in the ‘Flagship’ APS-C space in response to those new competitors.

[via Nikon Rumors]

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  1. Peter Stout

    I’m assuming this lens will come in about the $700 price point. I’d be very interested in this focal length as the 35mm on my DX D7000 is just not wide enough indoors. While the price jump is large for the 3-year amateur, such as myself, that speed and focal length is very desirable, in my opinion.

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  2. Rafael Steffen

    This is great news and I think it will add value to the Nikon lens setup.

    | |
  3. Dave Lyons

    id be all over that 24mm

    “which both blow the D7100 out of the water”
    Except in IMAGE QUALITY, DYNAMIC RANGE & COLOR DEPTH but ya know… who gives a crap about those… lol

    | |
  4. John Cavan

    I’ve been going for the f/1.8 lenses over their much more expensive, and slightly faster, variants. The price to performance ratio makes so much more sense to me. This is especially in this day of really capable sensors where the extra low light capability of the faster lens is of less importance than it used to be when the noise levels at very high ISO is so much lower and more manageable.

    However, the depth of field difference from 2/3 of a stop is more pronounced on the wider angle. At the short telephoto portrait end it tends to get more minimal, but it’s still there, and so if you do like to shoot wide open with shallow depth, then the f/1.8 might not be good enough for you.

    | |
    • adam sanford

      Yeah, it seems that f/1.4 wide angle lenses (24, 28, 35) seem meant for some pretty niche crowds — environmental portraiture, concerts, astro, and maybe a little street.

      But for landscape work, where one would (presumably) be in the F/8 – F/11 neighborhood, why pay big bucks for a top-end 24mm f/1.4? All you’ll get for your +$1000 investment over the non-pro lens is weather sealing.

      | |
  5. adam sanford

    Fascinating to see Nikon’s game with the lenses here.

    Canon has been refreshing it’s less expensive (non-L) primes as well in the last few years. But rather than go for an fast aperture (closer to their L lens f/1.4 bigger brothers), Canon has been refreshing slower f/2 and f/2.8 primes *and putting IS on them*. In comparison to the L lenses of the same FL, the new non-L IS primes for Canon (24/28/35) are tiny and light and quite nearly as sharp for about 1/3 of the price. They are far from rehashes with IS added — they are fundamentally better lenses than their predecessors on many fronts.

    So it seems Nikon is chasing speed is and Canon is chasing an overall value sell with their one-step-down primes. Neither is right, neither is wrong. It seems or every person who wants a wider max aperture, there’s always a video or low-light stills shooter who wants IS. But it’s interesting to see the strategy each company is pursuing with this grade of lenses.

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