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Nikkor 400mm f/2.8E Lens Announced By Nikon

By Anthony Thurston on May 13th 2014

Yesterday, the announcements came from Canon, and not to be outdone, today, it is Nikon’s turn. Though instead of announcing ultra wide angle slow lenses, Nikon revamped the other end of their lens line up with a new version of their 400mm F/2.8.

I recently had a chance to play with the Canon 400mm F/2.8 for several weeks and it was a blast, so I can only imagine how awesome this new Nikon will be. But, as per the norm on these fast super telephoto lenses, the price will be the biggest talking point, as Nikon has increased the price by over $3,000 from the previous 400mm F/2.8 taking it from being an $9,000 lens to this new version being a $12,000 lens.

Nikkor AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens Specs


  • An specialized electromagnetic diaphragm
  • 4 Stops of Vibration Reduction (Image Stabilization)
  • Pro Grade Weather Sealing
  • Focus Limiter
  • Drop in Filters

As mentioned above, this new Nikon 400mm f/2.8 will run around $12,000. Sadly, there are no pre-order links yet, because I know all of you are just waiting to take out a second mortgage to buy this guy!

All kidding aside, what are your thoughts on this new beastly telephoto from Nikon? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Kurk Rouse

    Looking for a telephoto to add to my kit that’s not that’s not equal to a down payment on a car.

    | |
    • Barry Cunningham

      Actually, you can get pretty decent used car for that price.
      In fact, my sister-in-law has probably gone through half-a-dozen cars for less than that over the years.

      | |
  2. Rambo Estrada

    That thing is sexy!

    | |
  3. Matthew Saville

    Aside from the nearly 2 lb weight loss, the most exciting aspect of this announcement is by far that one letter “E” after the f/2.8.

    Why? Allow me to explain, for those who are not Nikon historians LOL. Simply put, Nikon is one of the few camera makers who still uses a mechanical aperture coupling to control stopping down. Canon, Sony, and most / all of the mirrorless cameras have electronically controlled aperture mechanisms in each lens.

    This isn’t really an issue for someone who shoots wide open all the time, or someone who shoots slow and methodically. However if you have ever tried shooting a timelapse on a Nikon camera at f/11, or if you have ever tried blasting away at 8-10 FPS on a flagship Nikon body at f/5.6-f/8, …then you’ll know just how many times that stupid aperture coupling simply, well, misses the mark and completely ruins your exposure. This happens more frequently when the aperture coupling is getting old and maybe the camera or lens has seen a lot of abuse, but even a brand new body and lens can exhibit this issue to a slight degree. And forget about actual physical damage to the aperture coupling, if that happens, you’re basically stuck shooting at whatever aperture it has decided to get locked at, period.

    Why Nikon has not yet begun to introduce electronically controlled aperture mechanisms into their more commonplace lenses yet, I have no idea. They’ve done it in their PC-E lenses, not just these mega-telephoto “big guns”, so it’s not just a tele thing.

    What’s up with them calling it “electromagnetic” instead of just “electronic”, I don’t know. Maybe they actually are using electromagnets to activate the aperture iris, that’d be crazy.

    Either way, I really hope Nikon gets around to offering this soon, because I’m really close to just dumping the whole brand for a Sony mirrorless A7R and A6000, at this point.

    =Matthew Saville=

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