Yesterday, the announcements came from Canon, and not to be outdone, today, it is Nikon’s turn. Though instead of announcing ultra wide angle slow lenses, Nikon revamped the other end of their lens line up with a new version of their 400mm F/2.8.

I recently had a chance to play with the Canon 400mm F/2.8 for several weeks and it was a blast, so I can only imagine how awesome this new Nikon will be. But, as per the norm on these fast super telephoto lenses, the price will be the biggest talking point, as Nikon has increased the price by over $3,000 from the previous 400mm F/2.8 taking it from being an $9,000 lens to this new version being a $12,000 lens.

Nikkor AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens Specs


  • An specialized electromagnetic diaphragm
  • 4 Stops of Vibration Reduction (Image Stabilization)
  • Pro Grade Weather Sealing
  • Focus Limiter
  • Drop in Filters

As mentioned above, this new Nikon 400mm F/2.8 will run around $12,000. Sadly, there are no pre-order links yet, because I know all of you are just waiting to take out a second mortgage to buy this guy!

All kidding aside, what are your thoughts on this new beastly telephoto from Nikon? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!