If you were looking for a solid telephoto lens with a long reach, but didn’t want to break the bank (in comparison to the thousands of dollars for longer lenses), than the Nikon 300mm F/4 has always been a great option for shooters of the Black and Gold.


The lens, however, had not been updated in quite some time, that is, until today. Early this morning, Nikon officially unveiled  the new Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR lens. Apart from an obviously updated design and IS system improvements, Nikon has also added 6 new glass elements to the optical formula, for a total of 16 (up from 10 in the last version).

You also get Nikon’s lovely Nano Crystal Coating, which is usually an indicator of which lenses Nikon holds in high regard. The lens also sticks with the 77mm filter thread size, and you also gain 2 feet to your minimum focusing distance. If you are worried about the weight, it is also significantly lighter than the older model, coming in at just 26.06 oz (compared to 50 oz in the old model).

All these cool new additions are going to cost you though. While the current old model 300mm f/4 would run you around $1300, this new model is going to come in at ~$1999. Which is quite a sting if you are looking to get some reach, while keeping the budget down.

If you are interested, this new Nikkor 300mm F/4 will begin shipping the first week of February. You can get yours as soon as they are available by pre-ordering today over on B&H for just $1,996.95.