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Nikki Sixx Focuses on the Struggling Street Communities in Recent Photography Series

By Ruth Dunn on May 16th 2013

Most people would know Nikki Sixx for his pumping bass lines in Motley Crew and Sixx: A.M., but lately there’s also been a lot of chatter surrounding his photography.

Sixx has become increasingly focused on photography over the years and is now partnering with Leica Camera to publish a series of photographs, ‘Nikki Sixx: One Step up from the Abyss‘, on their blog. The photographs from the first part of this series were taken by Sixx during Motley Crue’s Canadian tour, and are now available online alongside an interview. Rather than featuring the band, Sixx has focused on featuring troubled and addicted men and women on the streets who are often overlooked.

Sixx describes his photography as part of a process of reflection:

“You hit a place where you go all the way back and reflect on your life. I’m 54 years old; I have more years behind me than there will be in front of me. You hit a place where you want to reflect; maybe it happens sometime in your 40s.”

As a recovering addict Sixx empathises with the people in his photographs and sees it as a way of raising awareness.

“Down that street of Hastings is a community. They all know each other. I went down the back alley. I always introduce myself as a street photographer wanting to document what’s going on in the streets and to bring awareness. And I ask if I can take their picture and let them know that if they need any money I will help them out. It amazes me that they have nothing but really the whole idea of raising awareness is what connects with them. That tells me that they want out and also want people to see what they are going through. So maybe someone can come down there and do something.”


Photograph by Nikki Sixx.

Photograph by Nikki Sixx.


Ruth is a Brisbane based journalist specialising in articles about visual art, photography, design and fashion. Co-founder of Raw Ink magazine, she enjoys uncovering interesting and unique events, issues and people to write about.

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