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Nightly Wonder – Pushing The Limits of Night Sky Media

By Jay Cassario on August 13th 2013

While digital cameras have been steadily progressing in their low light capabilities, real time video at night simply hasn’t been an option. ISO’s continue to climb in range and quality giving us amazing still images of the night sky and even more incredible 4k timelapses. But, other than military green night vision, we haven’t crossed over into real time video at night.

Ben Canales is the timelapse guy and night photographer at Uncage the Soul Productions. He has been pushing the limits of DSLR camera capabilities for years with his work, producing some of the most breathtaking and inspiring timelapse work of the Portland skies. With his newest project, he set out to try and produce real time video of the night sky. Ben had captured the night sky with timelapse and still photographs. Now he wanted to find a way to shoot video of his friends sitting around a campfire while the Milky Way glows overhead. He wanted to capture and share what it felt like in real time being there.

Ben along with Uncage the Soul Productions spent this past year coming at this project from different angles, and feel that they have found a workflow to actually do this. They explain that this video is mostly a proof of concept and an exciting launch to develop this more. They’re excited at what the next year or two will bring, with more experimenting along with the next round of camera bodies. If low light sensitivity continues to progress as it has been, it’s crazy to think about what the possibilities are. A big shout out to Canon with this video as this was shot on all Canon camera equipment. All technical talk aside, Ben hopes that this little piece will inspire some people to simply go camping, make a fire, and look up at the stars.

[via Uncage the Soul Productions]

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Jay Cassario is a fulltime photographer from South Jersey, owner of the multi-photographer wedding and portrait studio Twisted Oaks, and Brand Ambassador for Leica Camera USA.

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