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Moo Announces New NFC-Enabled ‘Business Cards+’

Remember all the commotion back when QR codes first started being used as marketing tools with phones? Well, luxury business card maker Moo.com may have just invented the next generation ‘QR craze’.

Announced this week, Moo’s new Business Cards+ offers high-quality business cards with a really neat tech twist – they are NFC enabled. This means that on virtually any modern phone with NFC, iPhones excluded (Apple’s fault, not Moo’s), a prospective client whom you give this card to will be able to ‘tap’ it to their phone and instantly be taken to your portfolio.


But the coolness factor does not end there. You can log into Moo’s website to change what your cards do and take a look at analytics like how many people have tapped your card. This could be incredibly useful if you hand out these cards at an event, so you can easily see how well the event went for you.

As with all Moo cards, though, these come at a nice premium; just 20 of these cards will run you $22.49 – or $1.12 a piece. If you happen to have an unlimited budget, you can order up to 800 of these cards at a time.

You can learn more about these cool techy business cards over on Moo’s website here.

Really Right Stuff Announces New Metabones L-Plate


Fans of Really Right Stuff who shoot adapted lenses on the Sony A7 platform, rejoice! RRS has just announced their new L-Plate for Metabones. This will allow you to easily mount your camera to any Arca-Swiss compatible head without needing to put the strain on your lens mount.

This is especially important for those of you strapping huge Canon L glass onto the front of your Sony A7 series camera. Just like mounting your lens to your monopod on your DSLR, you don’t want all the strain of a large lens on your A7’s lens mount, so attach it to the adapter and save your camera the stress.

These new L-Plates will retail for $100 and is compatible with both the Metabones Adapter Mark III and the new Mark IV version as well. Those interested can jump on over to RRS and find the new L-plates here.

Reader Poll: Most Impressive Camera of 2015

It has been a while since we did a proper poll, so let’s get to it. The topic for this poll is pretty simple too, what new cameras have impressed you all the most this year? Obviously, I can’t put them all on the list, so if I missed whichever one you think was most impressive, let us know in a comment below.

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