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The Next Zeiss Otus Will Be 28mm


We’ve known another Zeiss Otus lens was on the way for quite a while now thanks to the rumors. While the working theory was that we could expect a 24mm lens, that picture got clearer this morning.

According to the report over on Sony Alpha Rumors rated at an SR5 (their highest ranking possible), the next Zeiss Otus will, in fact, be a 28mm lens. To quote the report directly, “We have been told by bulletproof solid sources this will be a 28mm fast prime lens. And it’s going to be a VERY big lens.

The report goes on to say that while the aperture of the upcoming lens was not revealed if it sticks to Otus tradition, the lens will be an F/1.4 and likely come in Canon and Nikon mounts only. This is unsurprising (though disappointing), news. It would be nice to have Zeiss build in that Canon-Sony adapter and release an FE version. It would be comical, a lens of the size that this will be on a tiny (by DSLR standards) Sony A7 series body. But just think about that lens with the new a7R II

Ok, wipe that drool off your face and keep reading!

New Sony Trade-In Promotion over at Amazon!


Have you been thinking about ditching your DSLR in favor of one of Sony’s full-frame mirrorless cameras, like the A7II or A7S? Well, we have good news for you, as Sony is running a new promotion where you can get $250 on top of the value of your DSLR  towards a new Sony A7 series camera!

Sony has had offers like this in the past,  and it has worked really well for them. If you are interested, you can hop on over to Amazon, get your trade-in camera appraised, and in theory, get the value of your DSLR + $250 towards a new A7 series camera or FE lenses.

So, for the sake of example, if you wanted to trade in your Canon 6D for the Sony A7II, you would go to this website and fill out some information about your camera. Let’s say the trade-in value of your DSLR is $1100 (I have no idea what the actual trade value of the 6D would be), then you also get another $110 on top of that from Sony, to bring your trade-in value up to $1210. The A7II is $1700, meaning you could get your new camera for just $490 out of pocket.

Not a bad deal if you. The one catch is that you have to send your DSLR to Amazon BEFORE you get your Sony promo-codes and can order your A7 camera. The process, according to Amazon, can take up to 10 days. But fear not, this promo is open until November 7th, so you have time to arrange this for a time that could work for you (or arrange for a camera rental while this process happens).

If you are interested, you can find the promo over on Amazon here.

Samsung Bringing ‘Ditch the DSLR’ Campaign to Seattle

Samsung Ditch Box

Samsung is back with another one of their popular ‘Ditch the DSLR’  campaign stops, and this time, they are coming to the Emerald City and PIX Photo Expo. The event will start on October 7th at 11am and those interested can bring in their old DSLR to receive a brand new NX500 ($700 value).

The event will be running while supplies last, so if you want to get in on this, you should probably plan to arrive sometime early morning on October 7th. There is no way Samsung has enough NX500 cameras to keep the event going for long, so if you want one, plan to get there early and camp out.

PIX attendees will also have the opportunity to put their new NX500 to the test and participate in local photo walks led by Imageloggers Ibarionex Perello and Rinzi Ruiz or attend workshops by Laura Winslow, Matt Kumasaka or Wasim Muklashy.  For more information on the show, check out http://www.pix2015.com/.

Super Blood Moon Time-lapse

Did you get any good shots of last night’s Super Blood Moon? We want to check them out! Post links in the comments below.

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