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Gear Rumors

Next Sony A6XXX Series Targeted At ‘Pro’ APS-C Shooters

By Anthony Thurston on May 27th 2015

Sony’s next A6000 series camera, expected to be called the A6100 or possibly A7000, will be targeted at professional and advanced amateur APS-C shooters, according to a new report out of the Sony rumor mill.


The new body is rumored to feature the same level of weather sealing found in the Sony A77 II, which will be a very welcome feature for those looking to use the new camera out in the elements.

Additionally, the new camera is expected to have some sort of new autofocus system which will prove to be faster and more accurate than the system currently in the A6000. That is saying something too, as the A6000 is already one of – if not the – fastest AF systems around.

Initially, the rumors were that the new A6000 would be announced this past week, but for some reason Sony pushed the announcement back, and we will likely not see this, or the new a7R II, until some time in June. Maybe Sony saw all the rest of the announcements being made and wanted to have the spotlight all to itself. Who knows.

What are your thoughts about these feature revelations on the next A6000 body? What other pro features would you like to see in the camera? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via SAR]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Chris Jones

    I’m sitting pretty firmly in the fuji camp but sony putting weather resistant on their non pro bodies definitely has caught my interest as someone who lives in Colorado and can’t afford a xt-1

    | |
  2. Austin Swenson

    I had to avoid pressing the buy it now button several times when I was looking at the a6000, but this next iteration just might get my money… I like all the rumors about it

    | |
  3. Greg Silver

    If the new model had the same autofocus as the a6000 I’d be happy but I’ll take any more improvements. Looking forward to seeing this camera reviewed.

    | |
  4. Steve Madden

    The only thing stopping from getting a Sony is the lenses.
    Yeah theres some good ones…..but look at the cost of em and there manual focus!!
    Fuji lenses are more available on the used market for a lot less!

    | |
  5. adam sanford

    It’ll be so ‘pro’ that it will have an optical viewfinder, *amirite*?



    Sorry, had to.

    | |
  6. Dave Haynie

    Sony’s had lots of interesting ideas and pretty excellent prices on bodies for a long time. But they never pushed my buttons — it wasn’t uncommon for all that tech to somehow not add up, and they couldn’t always decide if the camera was for novices or advanced users. You would think, with their near ownership of the sensor market (at the moment), they’d be a little more aggressive on making cameras great, since they’ll always benefit on price versus the competition.

    Maybe this is “it”?

    | |
  7. John Williams

    As a owner of an A6000, I think its a great camera, but it has a lot of bugs which is expected from a “mark 1” version. I like the size and handling of the unit, plus all the cool features included. But, the stills IMO are average, nothing compared to my d7100. ITS great for video. Hopefully, the new version will solve the tracking and focusing issues(below average in low light). Also, Sony please offer more lens because that 70-200 F4 is awful, I can’t give it away

    | |
  8. David Blanchard

    I remain hopeful that Sony will create and sell a worthy successor to the NEX-7. But, this is not it.

    | |
  9. Jeffrey Kenerly

    I have a A5000, I really like it, minus is viewing screen in bright light. So a elec. viewfinder, better focusing is always nice. If we are wishing 35MP, 20 fps. Better stabilization, so never a need for a tripod!

    | |
  10. Dustin Baugh

    I have a friend that has the a6000 and weather sealing is one of the few things that she’s envious of my camera so I’m sure this is welcome news. Other than that it’s just more icing on an already amazing camera at that price point.

    | |
  11. Paddy McDougall

    Looking forward to seeing the spec and performance on this as I would like to jump ship from my canon gear and combine with an A7 mkii. My days of lugging around heavy lenses and dslrs are nearing an end. Only fuji updating their sensor is really holding me back before I make my decision.

    | |