The Sony RX100 series has long been a popular option for those looking to get the most out of a pocketable camera. If the new rumors are true, those days may be numbered for the RX100.


According to a new rumor over on Mirrorless Rumors, the RX100 M4 may come with a larger sensor. The benefits of this would be better low light performance and a more shallow depth of field when shooting wide open. The big disadvantage would be the likely size increase needed to fit a larger sensor in there.

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As I mentioned in the intro, a big reason for the RX100‘s success has been the power it packs in such a small body. If you change that mixture and make the body larger, then you lose that advantage, and it completely changes the game.

Personally, I think the RX100 series is best left where it is, with a 1-inch sensor and some of the best pocket-sized performance out there. There are other ways that the camera could be upgraded (in my mind) that would not have the side effect of forcing the size of the camera to change.

What are your thoughts on the RX100 series? Do you think it could benefit from a larger sized sensor, or would you prefer it to stay where it is? Leave a comment below!

[via Mirrorless Rumors]