Now that the NEX moniker is officially gone, and a replacement for the Sony NEX-6 and Sony NEX-7 is now available, should you upgrade to the new Sony A6000? This is the question that many of you Sony NEX owners are likely considering, or will be considering over the next year or so.


To help in this decision, I have included the following video. In the video, Chris Niccolls and Camera Store TV offer up a a very thorough and well done hands on field test of the new Sony A6000.

[REWIND: Sony Announces New A6000]

So, there you have it folks.  If you already own the NEX-6 then you should probably wait to see what else comes out, but if you own an NEX-7 then you may want to consider the A6000 due to its improved Image Quality.


Some things in the video worth noting:

  • The “lower resolution” EVF is not noticeable, at least according to Chris.
  • The A6000 replaces both the NEX-6 and NEX-7, but is priced like an NEX-6
  • The menu is much improved over the previous NEX menu systems.

If you are interested in the Sony A6000, you can currently pre-order them from B&H. They are available for $648 in the body only, or $798 in the Kit.