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New Sigma Teleconverters and Filters Now Available For Pre-Order

By Anthony Thurston on September 22nd 2014

We have all heard about the new 150-600mm lenses announced by Sigma, but they also announced some new filters and teleconverters, too. I just received word that they are now available for pre-order, so here are the details again.


New Sigma Teleconverter Features

  • Canon EF/Nikon F/Sigma Teleconverter
  • 1.4x Magnification Factor (also a 2x version)
  • Communication Between Lens & Camera
  • AF Operates at up to f/8
  • One Special Low Dispersion Element
  • Dust and Splashproof
  • Compatible with and Optimized for Global Vision Lenses

You can pre-order this 1.4x teleconverter now in one of the three available mounts (Canon, Nikon, or Sigma) for $349 over on B&H.  You can pre-order the 2x version now in one of the three available mounts (Canon, Nikon, or Sigma) for $399 over on B&H.

New Sigma Filters


Sigma’s newest filters are also available for pre-order now at various prices depending on the size/type of filter that you are interested in. You can find them all over on B&H here.

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Jeff Morrison

    Will be looking into getting one

    | |
  2. Bill Bentley

    Could a person expect one of these teleconverters and the new 150-600 C lens to work on the new Canon 7d II? I seem to recall reading somewhere that the teleconvertors don’t work on crop sensor cameras. Is that true?

    | |
    • William Emmett

      I’ve used both the 1.6, and 2x tele-converter on both my 7D, and 6D with my new Tamron 150-600mm lens with no problem. You may have heard the Canon Tele-converters may give problems since the rear element sticks out from the converter.
      My converter is a 1.6X Kenko, and 2X Tamron. I use both on the 7D which is a cropped sensor body with no problem.

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    • Bill Bentley

      Thanks for the info William.

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  3. Hannes Nitzsche

    sigma fills some important gaps in the line-up of the big brands and they do this very well recently with high quality equipment. I wonder what the filters are going to be like…

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      See my comment about the Sigma EX polarizer that I’ve used for many years already. It’s awesome!!!

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Very excited about this new WR polarizer!!! I might just pre-order one lol, Never thought I’d pre-order a dang filter!

      | |
  4. Kurk Rouse

    I usually check out nikon stuff only cause I know that if I ever change bodies it shold still work, but since the popularity of the art lens ive been looking sigma’s way more and more

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      I’ve owned a Sigma EX Circular polarizer for many years now, (5+) and I gotta say it’s awesome. It’s got amazing color preservation quality, and is as slim as those fancy slim filters that have no front threads, yet this filter does have them! It’s also much lighter than the fancy, expensive B+W options. (Although B+W might be better for cold environments, as they are allegedly brass while others are aluminum, and aluminum is known to jam / stick more frequently…)

      All in all, I’m very excited about this new WR polarizer! It’s high time to retire my old one, I’ve dropped it on concrete so many times that it’s barely spinnable. In fact it’s a dang miracle the thing hasn’t shattered yet!


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