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Thief Caught on Video Arrested News & Insight

NEWS UPDATE: Thief Who Stole $6,000 Worth of Camera Gear Arrested!

By fotosiamo on September 12th 2013

Thief Caught on Video Arrested

Last week we reported that wedding photographer Martin Gregorian from Butterfly Photography had $6,000 worth of camera equipment stolen in broad daylight during a wedding ceremony in Vancouver, Canada.


The act was caught on video by the wedding videographer and was critical in helping the Vancouver Police identify the culprit. As a result, it only took one week for the police to arrest 50-year-old suspect Ahmed Baladie. Unfortunately, the following 3 stolen lenses and Pelican case are still missing:

If you want to see the original video as well as learn some tips to help protect your own camera gear from theft, be sure to check out the first article in regards to the $6,000 Camera Gear Theft Caught on Video.

Original news article courtesy of Global News. Images courtesy of Martin Gregorian from Butterfly Photography.


Joe is a fashion and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He blends creativity and edge with a strong style of lighting and emotion in his photographs.

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  1. Anonymous

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  2. Jimmy Schaefer

    I think we are all missing the point here. The point is not how much gear cost, or what is in your bag…. Its about having false sense of security when your shooting an event. People will steal gear, no-matter where you are. Keep your gear on your person or somewhere secure at all times.

    Great tip for everyone shooting events. I use a thing called “Tile”, its new and I have one placed in all my pelican cases and in my camera bags. They are not just sitting in my bags or case lose, but hidden under foam or mounted into the stitching of a bag.

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  3. Joe fotosiamo

    Well, to be fair, Global News said that originally, the release stated the lens as a 1400mm, so there’s one error already. They also called the Tamron lens a “Tameron.”

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  4. Terry Clark

    Why would YOU suspect the lens was reported wrong from the police department investigating the crime? You know better than the police? Maybe the initial report of the value of the gear was incorrect.

    Why would you take a 400 2.8 to a wedding? To stand out! To shoot something people without that lens cannot. That sucka will blow out backgrounds like nobody’s business. Same reason to take a 50mm 1.2 or a 200mm f/2 or a 300 2.8. If you have it, carry it! I have the Pelikan case mentioned, a 400 2.8 will fit inside so it’s possible from that standpoint.

    | |
    • Ben

      Yeah, I get that, but I would not take a 11.000 dollar lens with me if I could not keep an eye on it ALL THE TIME… And that’s not possible when shooting a wedding…

      It’s like leaving your car behind with the keys in the ignition…

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  5. Glenn

    Ben, you make a good point, original story was 6 grand now all of a sudden there was a $11,000 lens in the bag as well, hmmmmm. Kinda makes you wonder.

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    • Joe

      Global News/Vancouver Police identified the lens as the Canon 400mm f/2.8L ($11,000 lens), but we think that it may actually be the Canon 400mm f/5.6L ($1,339 lens).

      – Joe

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  6. Ben

    I don’t understand why you would take a 11.000 dollar 400mm 2.8 lens to a wedding :-/

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    • Ben

      Ok, something must be wrong. First it says 6.000 dollars worth of equipment stolen and now there is a 11.000 dollar lens on the list…

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