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NEWS! Talk about ‘Capturing The Moment’ – Epic Engagement Photos!

By Leo Hoang on March 11th 2013

Matthew Hartman decided to surprise his girlfriend Elisabeth with a proposal she would never forget!

(Although in saying that, no-one forgets a proposal :S… However, this proposal was definitely something special)

Matthew brought his girlfriend down to a beach in Southern California to have the Pacific Ocean as his backdrop. It looks to be a stunning scene, and he enlisted the help of professional photographer Jon Hwang to capture these moments.



Little did they expect; the moments were made even more memorable with a massive tide coming in which swept them away!





This is the reason why I love photography; capturing moments which would otherwise be lost forever! This was definitely a moment to capture.

I’m sure Matthew and Elisabeth will tell this story and show off these photos for many years to come!

This is also photographic evidence of Matthew Hartman sweeping Elisabeth off her feet.

Via – PetaPixel

A Word of Caution!

A word from a Laguna Beach local, where these photos were taken:
These images are definitely beautiful, folks, however keep in mind that every now and then in the area this type of thing ends much more tragically.  Please be careful and try not to let yourself be distracted when exploring tide pools, and never under-estimate the waves and tides!
=Matthew Saville=

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    This could have ended badly.

    | |
  2. Imagelabz

    Could be nature’s trying to tell them something … :)

    | |
  3. elorest

    Hope the ring didn’t get lost.

    | |
  4. Catherine Lacey Dodd

    Gosh! Hope there were ok (and that the ring didn’t go for a swim)

    | |
  5. KerriMae

    OMG!!!  THAT WAVE!!!  THE RING!!!!!   

    | |