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For the Apple enthusiasts out there, today is a big day.The iPad 3 is being announced as I type this, in all it’s glory.The specs so far:

• 3.1 megapixel (2048×1536) Retina display = MORE than HD!(Crammed into 9.7″ = 264 pixels per inch!)
This sounds like a beautiful way to showcase your photography when you’re on the go, or of course now you can watch full HD videos

• HD video recording1080p, 30 fps

• 5 megapixel camera, with a new f/2.4 aperture lens

• Quad-core graphics to handle all the extra pixels / data

• iPhoto, with decent photo editing

• 4G data speeds, even “LTE” (whatever that is, says this T-Mobile user) (42 megabits/sec for DC-HSDPA, 21 megabits for HSPA+)
(WOW.That’s 2-3X fasterthan my $60 Cox cable internet.I wonder if they throttle the up-speed though?Only available on certain carriers, of course… ;-)

• Watch TV (at 720p) using Apple’s Airplay

• Same 10 hr battery life with 3G, 9 hrs with 4G
(I’m sure that may not be the case if you’re streaming video with the display brightness all the way up, but I’ll leave the testing to the experts)

• Starting at $499 for the new 16GB, wifi-only model, or $399 for the “old” iPad 2.Add $130 for cellular service, plus a monthly contract.(16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB models available)
(Pretty expensive as a toy, especially for your kids like Apple seems to often promote it.But certainly worth it for any “creatives” who are always looking for ways to push the envelope of their “wow factor” when interacting with clients, etc.I can see the studio using at least one of these, for various purposes…)


So, there you have it.Pre-order now! Oh wait, the Apple store is crashed right now.Wait in line at a physical Apple store?Too late now if you’re not already there I suppose.Either way, this baby will be hitting shelves in less than 10 days.

Take care,