Hey everybody, it’s Matthew Saville here. As most of you know I currently manage the workflow with “Post Production Pye” for Lin & Jirsa Photographers, so per-season I probably have to go through a quarter-million images. We have all been very excited to see if Lightroom 4.0 was going to give us any noticeable improvements in our overall workflow speed, either by being physically faster, or by providing new tools that make our job easier in other ways.

Well, the tools are certainly there in LR4. We’re VERY excited about the new high-speed editing system we’re developing that could shave hours off your editing time, while IMPROVING your image quality standards too. However that is a different discussion for another day. NOW, I want to admit to something else:


…Amidst all the hype and excitement surrounding LR4, the bottom line for me was that the develop module was NOTICEABLY SLOWER. In Lightroom 3, pretty much everything in the develop module was basically instantaneous. You had to be Auto-Syncing a few hundred images before the Develop Module would lag. But in Lightroom 4, EVERYTHING seemed to take a fraction of a second to load. Adjustments weren’t showing up right away, and after two or three adjustments in quick succession, you could just feel the lag.


Now, rest assured we have FAST computers. We’re all running SSD’s for our operating systems, hybrid drives or Velociraptors for our working files, 8-16 GB of RAM, i7 CPU’s, and 1-2 GB of graphics. So there was really no excuse for such simple changes to the LR Develop interface to cause lag.


Well, the good news is that Adobe very quickly came out with a 4.1 “Release Candidate”… While the most noteworthy change for some people is the Canon 5D mk3 RAW compatibility, (I think the Nikon D800 is also already supported?) …the thing I’m most excited about is the develop module performance improvements. I can’t quantify whether or not it is exactly the same speed as, or faster than LR3, however Lightroom 4.1 RC does indeed feel like it is back to that “nearly instantaneous” speed for Develop Module adjustments.


So, go download the Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate HERE, and enjoy!

Take care,


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