We’re excited to announce the arrival of the physical DVD-ROMs for the Newborn Photography Workshop! We released this DVD workshop a few months ago and it’s quickly become one of our best sellers. We teach it all including safety & planning, posing, lighting, and post production for Newborn Photography.

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newborn-photography-2241 Front Cover of the Newborn Photography Workshop

newborn-photography-2249 Inside View of the Newborn Photography Workshop

newborn-photography-2263 Back Cover of the Newborn Photography Workshop

What’s included?

Workshop DVD 1 – The Newborn Photography Workshop – The first workshop in the Newborn Photography Workshop teaches the actual newborn photo shoot itself. From planning to posing, lighting, newborn safety, camera techniques and everything in-between. This 2 hour shooting workshop will teach you everything you need to know to capture and create beautiful newborn photos.

Workshop DVD 2 – The Newborn Photography Presets & Post Production Workshop – The second workshop in this collection focuses purely on post producing newborn photos. We include a full set of incredible one-click newborn presets for Lightroom, two Photoshop actions for advanced retouch, over 40 videos and 45 RAW image exercise files. Totaling just over 6 hours of education, this workshop will give you the knowledge and the tools to quickly produce and retouch incredible newborn photos.

How Do I Purchase?

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