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New Year, New Gear Giveaway – Win a 5DM4, D850, or A7R3 (Closed-Winner Announced!)

By SLR Lounge Official on February 22nd 2018


Congrats to Tina Marie Coughlin of Ansonia, CT! We feel blessed to be able to make a difference in your career and we’re excited to see what you do with your new gear!

A new year has begun and what better way to celebrate it than with new gear? We’ve paired up with CreativeLive and LensRentals to giveaway a camera of your choice: Canon 5D Mark IV, the Nikon D850, or the Sony A7Riii.

The Giveaway Prize

The winner will have his/her choice between the Canon 5D Mark IV, the Nikon D850, and the Sony A7RIII. These three contenders are all top of the line in their respective brands and all will cost you around ~$3,200 but we are giving you the opportunity to win one of these for free!

The contest runs from January 22nd to February 22nd.

Enter Giveaway Here!

New Year, New Gear Giveaway – Win a 5DM4, D850, or A7R3!

(If you are having trouble seeing the giveaway entry form, access it directly here.)

  • There are 5 easy ways to enter, and if you do all 5 you can gain up to 15 individual entries to increase your chances of winning.
  • The contest is strictly for U.S residents only.
  • One lucky winner will be randomly selected on February 22, 2018. 


Is this giveaway open internationally?

This contest is only open to U.S residents.

Can I get entries for “Signing up for a free SLR Lounge Premium Trial” if I am already a Premium Member?

Yes. You don’t have to sign up for another account. Simply enter your existing account info into the “What is Your Username or Email (for verification)” Field.

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  1. Randall Huleva

    Congratulations Tina! I hope you enjoy your new camera!!!

    | |
  2. Jorge Lara

    Congrats Tina!!! 

    | |
  3. Olivia Price

    [Olivia Price has deleted this comment]

    | | Edited  
  4. Pravin Thakrar

    Only for U.S. Residents?Good luck to everybody.

    | |
  5. doug naes

    would love to win get the 5D. would be a dream come true. :) 

    | |
  6. Olivia Price

    Bless this giveaway. It is so generous. I hope I win, I need to upgrade, I still have months to go before I will ever be able to afford the mark IV so the chance to win it would be amazing. 

    | |
  7. DBatista Photography

    sony all the wayyyyyy!!!!! pleaseeeeeee i want to change from canon to sony lol 

    | |
  8. Matthew Butchart

    I would die if I won the Sony a7riii, has been my dream to get a Sony a7 since I started photography(had to settle for a Canon T5 due to my budget). Good luck everyone! :D

    | |
  9. Kendra White

    This is an awesome giveaway!!! Winning the  Canon 5D Mark IV would be a dream come true!!!

    | |
  10. Anita Maldonado

    Awesome me please I need this !!!😞😭👏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🤗

    | |
  11. Sioux Nesi

    me me me !!!!

    | |
  12. Julio Rodriguez

    I don’t have any clue how to enter 

    | |
  13. Jared Lung

    I am trying to launch my photography business and the New Sony a7riii would be a huge help. I need this! Thank you!!

    | |
  14. Mira Smith

    I have been dreaming about the Nikon D850! I am so thankful for the opportunity to win it! If I won I would be able to give my old camera to a friend who really wants to start photography!

    | |
  15. Lauren Winkle

    I am a registered nurse and have desperately been looking for a way to change careers. A coworker of mine does photography and has been encouraging me to join her. A great camera is the only thing I am lacking and this would be so awesome. I would be able to work along side her and learn so much. This is a photo of my beloved fur friend, I was playing around with a very old camera. 

    | |
  16. Lloyd Benliro

    A bit frustrating when non  US members can’t join this give away competition😕

    | |
  17. Jack Newhouse

    I am desperate for that Sony I am just starting  to build up my equipment

    | |
  18. hodan mahamed

    I would love Canon 5D Mark IV!!!! 

    | |
  19. Muriel Forget

    Nikon D850 would be a dream come true to win !!

    | |
  20. Michelle Wise-Mongar

     Would love the Cannon  5D Mark four 

     Would be perfect timing  

     I’ve been a crunch after losing my husband and  relocating the studio 

    | |
  21. Amandeep Soria

    I would be love to have sonya7r

    | |
  22. Dan DuVarney

    Anyone of these cameras would be great but would like the Canon 5D Mark IV if i was to win . Good luck all.

    | |
  23. Sindy Magana

    I would be so incredibly happy and thankful if I won the 5D MARK IV 

    | |
  24. Mickey Jetpur

    Great learning site. I would love the Sony A7r lll being a hiker.

    | |
  25. Michal Besser

    5dm4 would be Nice. Thx for such a great giveaway:)

    | |
  26. Ashley Cummings

    Oh my gosh!!! Just came across this website and this opportunity! I would love to win a new camera. I would probably choose the A7R3 or maybe the Nikon. Good luck to all! 

    | |
  27. Chris Stegner

    5D Mark IV would be awesome… then I could use my Mark III as my backup I’ve always wanted!

    | |
  28. Sue Darby

    Good luck all!! 😊

    | |
  29. Terry Xander

    Thank you for having such awesome camera giveaways, you ROCK. My choice would be the Nikon D850 !!

    | |
  30. Robert Linevskij

    A7rIII !

    | |
  31. Marius Blidar

    Nikon is the best

    | |
  32. Ashley Walsh

    OMG OMG OMG this seriously would be a dream come true!!  I need this upgrade soooo bad! fingers crossed for a new Canon!  Thank you so so much for this opportunity SLR Lounge!!!

    | |
  33. Avis Boone

    I would abso-tively posi-lutely love to win the A7RIII!!!!

    | |
  34. Ronald Monteron

    Would love a D850!!!

    | |
  35. Barb Gonzalez

    Could really us an upgrade. Thanks, you’re awesomr

    | |
  36. Andy Nichols

    Would love to have the A7R3!!!

    | |

    D850 Please <3

    | |
  38. Imi Szász

    5D IV, it’s no brainer :) HEY GUYS, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! :)

    | |
  39. Anna Grant

    D850 for me!  This is my dream camera!!!!  Would be so lucky to win!  

    | |
  40. Kathyrin Penniman

    I’m feeling lucky…  D850! Come to momma!

    | |
  41. Carlos Rosa

    Canon 5D Mk IV it’s a completely low level camera compared to Nikon D850 and Sony A7R3. Canon sucks lately, completely over priced cameras that can’t compete with Nikon or Sony.

    | |
  42. Carlos Rosa

    Nikon D850, best Camera ever….

    | |
  43. Lizzy Ramos

    Omg! I’ve always wanted to create a YouTube channel! So excited for this giveaway. 

    | |
  44. Amanda Cody

    How exciting! Thank you for this opportunity.

    | |
  45. Lorrie Lietz

    D850 :)

    | |
  46. Rui Santos

    US ONLY, but all the sponsors sell worldwide !  

    | |
  47. Fred Ballas

    Lucky Slr lounge doesn’t have international members! Whoops! My bad! 

    | |
  48. Mary Matthews

    Cannon all the way

    | |
  49. Mark Willis

    USA only? 🙄

    | |
  50. Aluel Nav

    Team Canon here!

    | |
  51. Sarah Oister


    | |
  52. Bill Briers

    I want that D850!!!!

    | |
  53. Paul Seiler

    A7R III for the win :) Here’s hoping! <3

    | |
  54. Michael Velardo

    5D Mark IV, LOVE IT

    | |
  55. Joel Silva

    A7RIII! Oh yes, it will be mine… 

    | |
  56. Adrian Gojan

    iLove Canon! iLove L lents Canon! iLove Canon 5D Mark IV!

    | |
  57. Erin Buxton

    I really want the Canon.  I need to upgrade my camera!  : )

    | |
  58. Kerrie Monti

    I’ve been wanting the D850 for a bit now.  This would be so awesome.  I’m a wedding and family photographer.

    | |
  59. Ryne Downs

    I’m a machinist and do contract A/C work now but aspiring photographer. This would be momentous thank you so much for the opportunity! Good luck to all!

    | |
  60. | |
  61. Tom Janowski

    I would love to win the Sony….or the Canon.

    | |
  62. Enis Uzunov

    The world is only USA… Shame on you people! 

    | |
  63. Ilia Savvidis

    Nikon d850 ❤

    | |
  64. David AKESSON

    Oh Damn!!!!  Only for U S Residents. 

     How about one just for 26th January each year;  which is our national public holiday for amazing Australia Day celebrations all around Australia.

    Please – with honey and sugar on it!!!

    | |
  65. Keara Suckra

    Nikon D850!!! macro beauty and fashion photography…here i come!!!

    | |
  66. Ainsley Edwards

    This is so good for SLR lounge to bring more people together on their site.

    | |
  67. Cen Isabel Delos Reyes

    For a beginner photographer, this is an awesome prize…either one…

    | |
  68. Jason Ruggiero

    This is a great giveaway SLR Lounge! If I win this givaway I will bundle it up with some photography apparel on and have a mega giveaway! 

    | |
  69. Marina Youssef

    Omg, I’m Nikon biggest fan! I never won in a giveaway, it would be great for a change! Thank you for hosting a great giveaway. I have started my photography business watching your YouTube channel. Thank you for all of your great videos and tips. You can visit my website you made my shooting much more enjoyable. You guys are awesome. The doctor who changed his career to be a photographer you gave me hope that one day I would give up engineering. 

    | |
  70. Jeffrey Morrow-Lucas

    What an awesome contest! Dream prizes for sure! Thank you to all the Sponsors!!

    | |
  71. Michael Shea

    Even though I’m a Canon user winning this would give me a great reason to switch to Sony  ;)

    | |
  72. Ray Lopez

    I’ll take the canon

    | |
  73. Colette Cannataro

    I would love one of these!

    | |
  74. Katy Serra

    Oh my gosh!!!! I cannot wait I hope I win!!!

    | |
  75. Kris Petersen

    EEK!  THIS IS INCREDIBLE!  Good luck to us all!!!!!!!!

    | |
  76. Jason Juarez

    Since I’m a Canon user, a 5D4 would be a huge boost to my photo business since I’m jumping into weddings and it would help tremendously! Ahhh I hope I win!

    | |
  77. Justin Lau

    Dream gear! 

    | |
  78. Nina Eggert

    Oh my God, i want the Canon  and the Sony , they are my Dream Cameras. I want one !!!!!

    | |
  79. jorge reyes

    Thanks for the opportunity. Team Canon and Sony! YESSSSSS

    | |
  80. Joe Hudspeth

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    | |
  81. Scott Smith

    I can’t wait to use my new A7R3!  Thank you!

    | |
  82. Madeleine Goudreau

    Thank you for this incredible opportunity! 

    | |
  83. Ian Pfeiffer

    Best of luck to all

    | |
  84. Tamika Diaz

    Thank you for the opportunity 

    | |
  85. Corey Morrison

    Thank you for this! 🙏🏼

    | |
  86. Boudewijn Kegels

    open for US residents only… nah, nice.

    | |
  87. Scott McClarin

    If I win I will find out how much medium and large format film and Silver Paper I can buy and develop in my darkroom and for how long for the cost of a DSLR Body and VLOG it.

    | |
  88. Anka Nikitina

    I’m from Italy 😭😢😟 WHY? WHY?!! 

    | |
  89. Tony Pardi

    hope to win ;-) then i can do the water test on the A7r3  :P 

    | |
  90. William Brown

    Awesome! Thank you SLR Lounge, CreativeLive, and LensRentals for the chance to win! 

    | |