It appears that a new Fuji X-Series camera is coming down the pipe, and it will be officially announced at the end of this month, according to a teaser released by Fuji.

Fuji X-Series Teaser

As you can see above, the tease is not much more than the top half of the new camera, with an X and the date of January 28th. Assuming they do not mean Jan 28th of next year, it is safe to assume that this new X-Series camera will be announced 8 days from now.

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According to the Fuji rumor mill, this is likely the Fuji X-T1, a long rumored camera that will likely boast an 18mp X-trans sensor II, and 8fps burst shooting while coming in around $1800 when it hits stores. Say what you will about rumors, but in my experience when they get as far along as the X-T1’s, are they are usually right. I guess we will see how right the rumors are next week…

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What are your thoughts on Fuji’s X-Series cameras? Do you own one, did you switch from a DSLR? I know several people who have said they are planning on switching permanently once a few more lenses they want are released. So, I’m curious about your thoughts on it vs. a DSLR. Share your thoughts in a comment below to join in the discussion.