We are incredibly excited to announce the release of the new SLR Lounge Lightroom Crash Course!

This is the only course you need to get acquainted with all the fundamentals of Lightroom to begin creating amazing imagery in no time at all.


Launch Discounts

To get this party started, we’re offering a temporary launch discount.

Discount Amount: $20
Discount Code: lightroomcc20
Expiration: March 2nd, 2016

Purchase the Lightroom Crash Course

Get your copy of the Lightroom Crash Course at the SLR Lounge Store.

What does the crash course cover?

Pretty Much Everything

We designed this course to get you up and running with Lightroom in just a few hours as we dive right into the essentials of the Lightroom Develop Module to show you how to take ordinary RAW files and produce extraordinary images. The Lightroom Crash Course is your guide to understanding all of Lightroom’s vast number of functions, from basic shortcuts to advanced editing tools and techniques. We demonstrate all the other crucial features in Lightroom that will help you manage, cull, filter, and organize your work, giving you the most efficient workflow possible.

Learn the Lightroom Develop Module

The Lightroom Crash Course gets you straight into the Develop Module as we explain workflow, presets, and all those essential tools you need to process your image in a matter of clicks. Follow along with our develop and processing tutorials and accompanying 30 RAW files to give you a fully immersive course on step-by-step image processing.

Mastering Lightroom & Beyond

Outside of the Develop Module, we get into the details about how to better improve your Lightroom workflow with comprehensive videos on topics like the Lightroom Catalog system, data safety basics, and how to best manage your images all in one place. We even show you how to get your work entirely out of Lightroom to send to print, export directly to email, and more!


Buy the Lightroom Crash Course at the SLR Lounge Store.

Sample Images from The Lightroom Crash Course

slr-lounge-adobe-lightroom-crash-course-before-after slr-lounge-adobe-lightroom-crash-course-before-after-2 slr-lounge-adobe-lightroom-crash-course-before-after-4 slr-lounge-adobe-lightroom-crash-course-before-after-3

slrl-adobe-lightroom-cc-crash-course-stamped slr-lounge-adobe-lightroom-cc-crash-course-stamped slr-lounge-adobe-lightroom-crash-course-pano-stamped