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New Workshop! Advanced Lightroom Processing

By Lindsey Chu on March 29th 2016

We’re very happy to announce that the second part of our Lightroom Workshop Series, Advanced Lightroom Processing, is here!

This course is a collection of comprehensive tutorials that focuses strictly on the power of RAW processing within the Lightroom Develop Module.

Advanced Lightroom Processing Workshop Trailer

Purchase the Advanced Lightroom Processing Workshop

Buy the Advanced Lightroom Processing Workshop at the SLR Lounge Store.


Many photographers are taking images into Photoshop when they don’t need to be and are constantly underestimating and underutilizing Lightroom’s RAW processing capabilities. Rather than having to go into Photoshop and making edits that take far more time, we will show you how to do those same advanced edits in Lightroom in a matter of seconds. In addition, everything that you learn in this workshop can be applied to both Lightroom and Photoshop Adobe Camera RAW (ACR).

Dive Into the Develop Module

We’ll be taking you through 11 hours and 70 start-to-finish images to cover all the stylistic effects you can achieve through RAW processing and situational RAW processing. Discover new ways to use Lightroom to get your images from ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all!

Each one of our chapters will focus on a specific aspect of processing so that we can really get into the nitty-gritty details of RAW processing, go over every RAW Processing function and feature, and demonstrate edits for almost any situation.


Get your copy of the Advanced Lightroom Processing Workshop at the SLR Lounge Store.

Sample Images from The Advanced Lightroom Processing Workshop

lightroom-portrait-processing adobe-lightroom-landscape-processing advanced-lightroom-processing lightroom-raw-processingepic-environmental-portrait-stamped meant-for-film-stamped high-energy-dance-floor-color-mod-stamped stylized-hues-stamped

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  1. Joseph Ford

    Anyway to get the discount when you don’t have twitter?

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  2. Ben Young

    The link to “Advanced Lightroom Processing” isn’t working – clicking on it results in a page not found error.

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    • Lindsey Chu

      Hey Ben!
      Thanks for catching that for us! I’ve updated the link so the links should work now.

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