Epic environmental portraits with subjects that POP, rich backgrounds with hyper-real depth of field;  that is what this course is all about.

Welcome to The “Panoramic Stitching Workshop“,  where we navigate you through the process of combining Wide Aperture Panoramic Stitching (AKA Brenizer Method) with other creative effects to create epic imagery that mimics the look of large format cameras.

Watch the Workshop Intro

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Basic Workshop Info

  • Total File Size: 15.61 GB
  • Run Time: Over 5 Hours
  • RAW & DNG Exercise Files Included
  • Select SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets Included
  • 3 Workshops: Panoramic Stitching 101, 201, and 301
  • Intended Audience: All Levels of Portrait Photographers

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Why Purchase This Course?

Breathtaking environmental portraits can set you apart from other photographers. When done right, they can wow your clients and enable you to sell large format canvases and prints that can significantly increase your studio’s revenue.

What We Teach in this workshop

Brenizer Method Basics

In this workshop, we show you how to capture and combine multiple images as shown below to achieve the final result. We also include instruction on the gear required; what to look for in a scene; common mistakes; troubleshooting tips; shooting the scene; post production, and more.

The Multiple RAW images:


The Combined Final Image:


Combined Final Image 2:

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How to add Flash to Your Brenizer Method for More Pop

In 201, we’ll step it up a notch and incorporate flash photography for even more “pop” to your imagery, as you see below. This is where you’ll really begin to set yourself apart.

RAW Images:

Combined Final Image 3:


Combined Final Image 4:

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Brenizer Method + Tilt Shift Effects + Flash

In Panoramic Stitching 301, you’ll learn to combine the Brenizer Method with Tilt Shift effects and Flash Photography to create variations on the Brenizer like the images below. In the process we teach you the basics of how to use a tilt shift lens and then go further by incorporating it into everything you learned in 101 and 201.

Combined Final Image 5:


Combined Final Image 6:


Combined Final Image 7:

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A-Z Instruction + Exercise Files + Presets

From the gear required, to shooting, to post production, this tutorial will take a beginner or advanced photographer from A-Z through these techniques.