For photographers seeking a versatile camera remote, there is an interesting new option set to ship in August in the form of Alpine Labs’ new product, Spark, which for the next 7 days is available at a 25% discount via Kickstarter. Currently priced at $44 on the company’s Kickstarter, Spark is a follow up to Alpine Labs’ Pulse remote, released last year. Though similar looking, the two function quite differently, however.

Spark is a three-in-one remote, offering traditional infrared control, wired control, and app control via Bluetooth. The app allows users to program the camera to trigger at precise intervals for time-lapses as well as set exposures longer than most camera’s non-bulb 30-second maximum.

Most Notable Features:

  • Bluetooth app control for time-lapse, long exposure, HDR, and ‘photo booth’
  • App control works from up to 100 feet away
  • Advanced long exposure control via app
  • With multiple Spark devices, trigger up to three cameras simultaneously
  • Works across multiple camera brands
  • Compatible with both major smartphone operating systems
  • Long 2000 hour battery life with replaceable coin battery

It will likely be of most interest to outdoor photographers seeking an affordable way to wirelessly control time-lapses and long exposures with precision. Its versatility and price point make it an intriguing option.


We’ll see how it handles this summer when we receive a demo for review, but in the meantime, if your interest is piqued and you’re the patient type, you can pick one up via Kickstarter at a discount. Also on the Kickstarter page is a ton of information in their FAQ and Q&A with other prospective buyers, so if you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers.