By now, we all know that many companies are working on multi-layer sensor technology, not unlike that in Sigma’s Foveon sensors. The latest patent along those lines comes by the way of Sony, which has an interesting solution for fixing an inherent problem in their FE mount.


The small flange distance of the Sony FE mount means that lenses have to be longer in order to correct the incident angle at the corner of the sensor. This means lenses you would normally expect to be quite small and compact, become long and heavier than ideal.

This new Sony sensor patent would eliminate this issue by building a lens over the sensor, which would correct the incident angle. This would eliminate the need of that in the actual lenses, thus making them smaller and more compact.

The other interesting note about this new patent is that it features multi-layer technology, similar to Sigma’s Foveon. It seems like just a matter of time now before someone besides Sigma brings a camera to market using this technology and with the run of innovation Sony has been on, would you really be surprised if it was them?

What are your thoughts on this sensor patent? Do you see Sony releasing a multi-layer sensor-based camera in their FE line anytime soon? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. 

[via SAR]