The bane of DSLR video has always been the rolling shutter effect, but a new Sony patent shows how the company hopes to eliminate rolling shutter completely. If they are able to achieve this, it would be HUGE for anyone who shoots video with a ILC/SLR cameras.


The complex sensor design that you see above is how Sony hopes to eliminate the rolling shutter effect. According to the patent, this new shutter design eliminates rolling shutter by reading 4 entire lines of pixels simultaneously. In addition to the benefits of no more rolling shutter, the sensor offers lower noise at higher ISO ranges, as well as better dynamic range.

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As always with patents, it’s really hit or miss if we will ever see this tech in the real world. But the benefits are clear, and I for one, would love to see the rolling shutter issue resolved so I can pan my video without it looking like garbage. If you want to see the full patent details you can read it here.

We will keep an eye on this, and update you in the future should this tech ever see the light of day…


What are your thoughts on this patent? How huge would it be for Sony to solve the rolling shutter issue? Leave a comment below.

via SAR