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New Sony A7s Pricing Officially Unveiled

By Anthony Thurston on May 15th 2014

Sony’s recently announced A7s has been getting a lot of attention lately for its lowlight and 4K shooting capabilities. One thing that was not known, until tonight that is, was the price for this new “see in the dark” camera.

Sony officially unveiled the pricing for their new A7s, and it’s not a bad price at all. Though, not as low as I had been hoping for given the price of the Panasonic GH4. According to Sony, the official price for the A7s will be $2498.00, $500-600 more than its A7 and A7r brethren.

Sony A7s Specs


    • 12.2MP Full-Frame Exmor CMOS Sensor
    • BIONZ X Image Processor
    • Gapless On-Chip Lens Design
    • 3.0″ 921.6k-Dot Tilting LCD Monitor
    • XGA 2.36M-Dot OLED Electronic Viewfinder
    • Full HD Recording in XAVC S
    • 4:2:2 UHD 4K Output via HDMI
    • Full Pixel Read-Out, S-Log2 Gamma
    • Expandable Sensitivity: ISO 50-409600

As mentioned above, the opening price for this new A7s will be $2498. Pre-orders are now, or will be soon, available from B&H. If you are interested in pre-ordering the Sony A7s you can do so here.

What are your thoughts on this price for the A7s? Do you think this is a fair price for what you are getting or is Sony getting a little greedy? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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  1. PeteR

    It’s about $500 more than I was hoping it would be. At this price it will all come down to the reviews. The low light and silent shutter option sounds really useful to me shooting my kids’ theater performances. But at $3k+ with a lens it will have to get some stellar reviews or I’ll wait for the next iteration.

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  2. G.W.

    I believe Sony is going at the right direction when it comes to capturing the future video market and possibly, for lowlight photography market. Like most of the compact cameras on the market today, most of them are caped at about 12MP as manufactures realize consumers are finding out the MP means nothing when sensor are too small to go beyond ISO 400 or 800. For 4K video, the ultimate sensor for the job will be about 8MP if cropping is not required and that should boost the usable ISO one stop more.

    I mainly shoot still photography even though I started with video over 25 years ago. Based on the lowlight condition of RAW image from dpreview’s studio comparison tool: Sony A7 though rated at ISO 25,600, for my eyes they are usable at IS0 6,400 which means 2 stop down from official rating. When I apply the same math to the A7S, the usable image for me would be at ISO 25,600. I then look through the list of cameras and found Nikon Df (16MP) and Canon 6D (20MP) when compared them at ISO 25,600 to Sony A7 at ISO 6,400 the noise level is very close to each other at about only half stop advantage from A7’s image at ISO 6,400.

    The reason I have done this analysis is because I am looking for a second body to go with the 5D3 for lowlight wedding photography and I think for me, at $1,699.00 Canon 6D would be a close enough choice since I have a few good L/Art lenses. I found all the high quality lenses from Sony are much more expansive than Canon’s. Most of Sony lenses are also with smaller aperture and very few to choose from.

    Koodo to Sony for breaking the game on large MP race on full frame sensor. If Sony is able to build a collection of high quality wide aperture lenses with competitive price based on their mirrorless full frame mount quickly, I would not be surprised to own one myself in the future ☺

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    • Rick

      Agreed about keeping the MP count down. That’s one thing that Canon did with their VIXIA line a while back. I had a HFS100 (I think that was the number), and it would shoot HD along with having the ability to take 8MP images. But with smaller pixels, low-light wasn’t so good.

      I then upgraded to the HFG20 which has a native 1920×1080 sensor. Much lower resolution than 8MP, but it does very well with low-light due to the larger pixels.

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  3. Marc Morris

    GH4 still has line skipping and pixel binning. 50mbps 4k to memory card is going to look like 1080 with that level of compression. What blacks? A7s does full pixel read out, natively, at 4K, with no line skipping, nothing lost when connected to a portable hard drive (which is how 4K SHOULD be captured). Any way the price on the A7s is about a grand less than most of the people I know thought it was going to be because we saw it as positioned to match the D800/5DMkIII level product where video is concerned, if not still image quality. Instead it destroys the Canon and Nikon capabilities, with the highest DR ever tested in a full frame 35mm format sensor and if not the best low light sensitivity ever tested then tied for first, and for $2500 (which, by the way is only $300 more than the A7r, not ‘$500 – $600 more,’ as you say)? It’s going to sell. Like mad. And Atomos is going to make a killing on the Shogun because both the GH4 and the A7s need it to be seen at their absolute best. The YAGH deck on the Panasonic is great and all but when you add THAT in, it’s $3300 and well over 3lbs before the lens is added. Suddenly the A7s is very well priced and, even with the Shogun and a lens, lighter weight. Well done, Sony.

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  4. Herm Tjioe

    Hmmm…12 MP? Sony bringing back 2006 retros?

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    • Jrff

      Optermized for video. Lower megapixel means better low light performance and less downscaling for video. Which leads to less aliasing and moire issues.

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  5. David A

    Personally, being full frame and all….I think it’s priced perfectly. People are going to argue about the 4k in the Panasonic, but it’s still a micro 4/3 camera, and the 4k mode is actually cropped. Dont get me wrong the Panasonic is an AWESOME camera. But for what this camera is….well done Sony on the pricing.

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