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Gear Rumors

New Sony A7R II Details Emerge, Announcement ‘Imminent’

By Anthony Thurston on March 24th 2015

We have been getting teases about the possible launch of the a7R II for a couple of weeks now. Today, some additional specs/info came across the rumor desk, as well as an interesting note about when the camera could be announced.


According to a report over on Sony Alpha Rumors, the a7R II will indeed feature the same 36MP sensor as the original A7R. In addition to that, the a7R II will have the upgraded grip, in body stabilization and AF upgrades that we have seen in the A7 II. It does, however, appear that the camera is getting some sort of processor upgrade, as the post notes improved ISO performance from processor upgrades.

Sony a7R II Details

  • Same A7r 36 megapixel sensor
  • Improved high ISO
  • Faster autofocusing
  •  5 axis stabilization
  • A7II alike body size
  • Silent shutter mode

The report goes on to say that there are no dates being thrown around at them yet that can be taken seriously, but that “the release really appears to be imminent.” I would be very surprised if we make it past the first week of April without the a7R II being announced.

The question is, will the above details be the only changes? If the camera does have upgraded processing, how much better is it than the A7R and A7 II in terms of processing power? Only time will tell…

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Ben Perrin

    Well that rumour didn’t come true. Are Sony rumours always this inaccurate?

    | |
    • fotosiamo

      They give ratings (SR1 to SR5) on the legitimacy of their rumors. The ones that are in the SR4 and SR5s are generally accurate. They’ll also update rumors whenever new information comes out

      Now for this rumor, other than the date of announcement, what part of it is inaccurate or has been proven false? I haven’t seen anything that states that the tech specs are wrong.

      | |
    • Ben Perrin

      Thanks for the info Fotosiamo. I was only talking about the date being imminent when the article was published over 2 months ago. I fully expect the camera to be released sometime soon but they were way off with this one. Looks like it’ll be a great camera whenever it does arrive.

      | |
  2. Roberto Pavan

    Does “silent shutter mode” mean it will have an electronic first curtain shutter? I’ve heard that shutter slap can be a real problem with the A7R

    | |
  3. Stan Rogers

    Sounds kind of *meh*, until you notice that the new/improved feature list is an almost exact match for the list of pain points people have been talking about in regards to the original. Cameras have gotten to be a little like software: the .0 release gets all of the headlines — it will do all kinds of things you just couldn’t do at all before, so it doesn’t matter who’s doing the testing/development, it takes a little while for the new shiny to stop being a distraction from the little awkwardnesses — but the .1 version, the boring incremental upgrade that just does the same old stuff the way you want it to, is the one you actually want.

    | |
  4. David Wilkins

    I think you will find that the A7S version is the “King of Darkness”, the A7R is on a par with Nikon D800 for high iso performance

    | |
  5. Matthew Saville

    Hopefully “A7 alike body…” also includes weather sealing. I might just buy one of these, so that I don’t have to buy a D810. Now if only Sony would get on board with a fatter battery, that’d be great…

    | |
    • fotosiamo

      May have to wait for the a9 for the bigger body, more robust mirrorless full-frame

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Joe, I’ll be losing reasons to go with mirrorless pretty fast if I hold out for something “bigger and more robust”… Unless it still provides a significant weight savings over a D810, I’ll have very few reasons to buy into it, and many reasons NOT to. (Lens selection, battery life, OVF = better for the adventure photography I do, etc.)

      The A7 mk2 has weather sealing, allegedly, and it isn’t that much bigger of heavier than the original A7. Hopefully they’ll follow suit with whatever is coming sooner than later.

      I know there are many reasons for many different types of photographers to switch to mirrorless, but as an adventure / travel photographer, the ONLY reason that really matters to me is the weight savings. And I’m already hard-pressed to save that much weight when comparing a D750 against the A7 mk2. If Nikon delivered a D750 body with a D810 sensor, it’d be game over for Sony’s chances at stealing me, for many generations to come.

      | |
    • fotosiamo

      Well that’s fine. We have different priorities. I love the EVF, especially with advantages of real-time exposure/WB/focus peaking/punching in focus, etc. Plus, even with a slight weight penalty, I can probably use the a7RII just like how I use my a7R, with the battery grip on it 24/7.

      With the grip on, battery life is great in stills and pretty darn good in video and I can shoot portrait orientation much more naturally.

      Plus, the use of adapters makes mirrorless highly versatile, especially when it comes to mounting Canon EF lenses and even cinema PL lenses.

      But of course, to each his/her own and their brand of photography.

      | |
  6. Rafael Steffen

    Very interesting anoucement. This camera is the current king of Darkness. Maybe with the new one having even better ISO performance is going to Rock Wedding photographer’s second camera choice or maybe even primary.

    | |
    • fotosiamo

      The a7S yes, but no the a7R, although I’ve been pretty happy with shooting it at ISO3200 and even a bit higher, too.

      | |