Part of Sigma’s new Global Vision initiative was the introduction of the new Sigma USB Dock, a device that allows you to update lens firmware and AF micro adjustments from your computer via a USB connection. This is going to revolutionize how we update our lenses and tweak auto focus with our cameras.

You see the AF Adjustments that you can do with this new USB Dock go far and beyond the AF Micro adjustments that you may or may not have in your current DSLR. In case you do not know what AF micro adjustment is or have never used it on your camera I will do a brief overview of the current system

So in most high end DSLRs you have the ability to make AF micro adjustments. Basically what this allows you to do is to tweak the AF on your camera to better suit the lens. For example if your lens has a slight back or front focus issue, you can correct that with an AF micro adjustment (depending on how severe it is). The downside to this is that you are making a micro adjustment to the entire lens, when sometime the lens is only having problems at a certain length.

This is where the new Sigma USB dock really sets itself apart. This new USB dock allows you to make AF micro adjustments to your lens at several focal lengths and focus locations. This allows you to more accurately calibrate your lens with your camera and will in turn make for better performance from both. Checkout this awesome demo video below that really goes over the features and hopefully you can see how awesome this is.

You can pre-order the USB dock via B&H and it is available for only $59.99.

Sigma Optimization Pro and USB Dock Demo from Sigma Corporation of America on Vimeo.