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Gear Rumors

New Sigma 50mm F/1.4 Art Lens To Be Priced Around $1300?

By Anthony Thurston on February 6th 2014

If the latest rumors and leaks are true, the recently announced Sigma 50mm f/1.4 will be priced at around $1300 US ($1499 Australian Dollars). This news comes after an Australian retailer posted a product page for the new product on their site with a price tag of $1499.


This comes as a pretty big shock, if it is indeed true, as the closest competition (at F/1.4) from Canon or Nikon prices in at under $400. Even Sigma’s own current 50mm F/1.4 is under $500. But, this would make much more sense if the statements Sigma made about gunning for Zeiss are to be taken literally. This could also signal that Sigma has plans to not only beat out the current Canon and Nikon 50mm f/1.4 offerings, but also the Canon 50mm f/1.2 L and the Nikkor 58mm (both of which are more expensive than this rumored $1300 price tag).

[REWIND: Canon, Who? Nikon, What? – Sigma Says Zeiss is Main Competition]

The Zeiss Otus 55mm F/1.4 is a $4,000 lens, so if the Sigma can match its stellar performance and price in at $1300, then it is still a great price. But, for anyone hoping for a cost effective upgrade to their Canon 50mm f/1.4, Nikon 50mm f/1.4, or Sigma 50mm f/1.4, this will come as probably pretty bad news.

The Australian site does, in fact, note that an official announcement has not been made, but that this is a price they are anticipating. Still, if this is even close to the actual price, I think many photographers will be disappointed.

Is $1300 'Too Much' for the new Sigma 50mm F/1.4 Art lens?

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What are your thoughts on this possible pricing for the new Sigma 50mm f/1.4? Do you think it is a price many will be willing to pay or will it be more of a specialty lens for those who need the absolute best (a market usually reserved for Zeiss)?

[via Photo Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Chuck Eggen

    Well now we know the actual cost and it seems it’s wrath every penny. Most reviews show it to be very sharp and capable of high quality images. Now i want it!

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  5. Sébastien D’Amour

    If AF and optic performance is at the rendez-vous then I have no issue paying 1300$ for the 50mm f1.4 ART.

    Debating the price is up to you. I have no issue with it.
    Premium lens have premium pricing. Simply look at the 50mm f1.2L, 85mm f1.2LII and 200mm f2L IS. (All of which I own)

    My opinion is different when looking at the new Nikon 58mm f1.4 since it’s optical performance wide open is pretty low. It becomes acceptable at around f2.8

    I am still wishing pricing and availability would be announced soon.

    | |
  6. Sipho

    Sigma always has really high MRSP prices and then knocks those prices down for distrobution. Just check there website, the 35mm F1.4 DG HSM | ART is marked down from $1400. Typical Sigma, I expect it to be priced at $799. And i also think its going to perform a fraction less then the modern classic Otus. But still offer that bang for buck + AF… Yes I will own it!!!

    | |
  7. Gogu

    First off, Ziess was not all the time “an absolut best”. There are a few dissapoiting Zeiss lens out there, even in the current line. The 50 f1.4 ZF or the 35 f2 ZF or ZC respectively. While they are not bad, they are simply not comparable to other lens of similar specifications. Especially when you consider the Zeiss price tag. Now, the OTUS is definitely a stellar lens, and there’s no doubt about it there. Is it worth $4000 ? That’s pretty much up for debate and I’m not sure we could conclude to anything soon. Yes it seems to be the best nifty-fifty lens out there, but how much is too much to have the best ? Considering that there’s nothing close to it’s performances, they might as well just ask $20.000 or $1M – you want the best ? You gotta pay the price. My personal opinion is that having a product that’s the best at something, is not enough to ask crazy money for it, and $4K seems like a crazy amount of money for a lens in the 50s focal, so no specialized lens in any field, and top that with manual-focus options only. But that could be just my opinion – and others may not agree. Apparently Sigma looks like the best 35 out there and they are not charging $3K. That’s why it sold in crazy numbers. I also own the Sigma 35 and consider it to be one of the best and reliable AF lens of all times, not just Sigmas.

    Now, the Sigma 50 1.4 Art – while I could understand it has to cost more than the old 50 due to the complexity of the new design and probably somewhat more expenses in manufacturing process, I simply can’t see a lot of people willing to pay $1.3K for it. If this would have been the stellar 135mm 1.8 that everyone is praying for – I could have seen it happening. And people would have probably bought it in large masses. Considering the prices of the new Nikon 58 and the Otus – yes this seems like a steal at $1.3K but I just don’t see a lot of people forking out this kind of money for a 50 lens no-matter how good it is. Probably the same reason why the Nikon 58 hasn’t sold in crazy numbers yet either. It’s a niche area, the type of area where Zeiss resides and hi-end exotics in the Nikon/Canon lineup. Sigma belongs to the more “down to earth” type of customers. The ones that want a great products AT A GOOD PRICE. That’s the Sigma’s customer. I don’t know if they can afford to sell little and expensive rather than cheap and in large numbers.

    Also – I don’t see what’s all the fuss with the Canon 50 1.2. Yes it has that unique dreamy feel but when it comes to AF precision is one of the most annoying lens on the Canon’s pro lineup, and I don’t even want to get into the huge focus shift problems this lens is famous for.

    Bottom line is, I am not saying this lens isn’t worth the $1.3K – I just don’t see it being sold in huge amount of numbers like the 35 was. I could see myself forking $700-800 if it’s very good.

    | |
  8. Chris Sears

    As long as the GD autofocus has a hit rate of better than 33% they’re golden.

    | |
  9. Juan David Molina

    We are saying bad things because we all want it and is expensive, the price is an abuse. Sigma $800 or $900 no more !!

    | |
  10. Zack

    If that product photo is right, than this will be a 50mm lens with a 77mm filter thread. The Canon f/1.2 lenses have a 72mm filter thread. This thing is gonna be effin huge

    | |
    • Tim

      Great catch!

      | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      The photo is right, its the same Photo that Sigma sent out with the announcement of the lens at CES.

      | |
    • JORY

      I believe the current 1.4 from sigma is 82mm…It is huge

      | |
  11. Jared K.

    Assuming it compares to the 50L as handily as the Sigma 35 does to the 35L, then this will be one heckuva deal. If it compares favorably to the Zeiss, then they’ll probably have a Canon-killer on their hands.

    | |
  12. James

    Doesn’t seem possible with their new 35mm 1.4 Art lens selling under $900. The 50mm should be a higher volume seller so it should be at or under that.

    | |
    • David Liang

      Yeah that’s a great point. Since the original 50 1.4, Sigma has made a habit of selling spectacular optics are great prices. Their recent success and reputation has been built on that pattern, business are nothing if not predictable in terms of strategy. If it ain’t broke they won’t change it. I would be shocked if the 50 1.4 was over 1k.

      | |
    • Juan David Molina

      I agree, maybe is very good in optics but anyway is not a genuine professional lens. U$900 would be perfect as the 35mm art or 85 f1.4

      | |
  13. elena

    at 1300 I would rather spend an extra 300 for a Canon 50 1.2 brand new lens. Its well worth the canon warranty and service for CPS members. too much sigma!!

    | |