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New Series by Jordan Matter: Athletes Among Us

By Ruth Dunn on September 11th 2013

From the man who brought us Dancers Among Us comes a new photography series featuring professional athletes going about their daily lives. In Athletes Among Us, Jordan Matter captures all kinds of athletes from basketball players to gymnasts to longboarders.

Matter’s latest project strikes quite a personal cord with him. Sport was something that helped Matter endure and overcome the intense bullying he suffered as a young teenager. As a thin, pasty kid with bright red hair he was constantly taunted, humiliated and harassed by other kids. During this time his father taught him to channel his anger and frustration into baseball.

Matter says:

“More important than my athletic accomplishments is the lesson I learned during those late afternoons on the field: Unrelenting dedication is essential to strengthening my courage and achieving my goals.”

In Athletes Among us, Matter portrays the way sport is translated into a professional athlete’s daily life. His photographs capture the incredible athletic ability and grace of these people in cleverly staged scenes.

He says:

‘These photographs illustrate that even when athletes are not competing, they are living and breathing their passion. They playfully remind all of us to pursue our objectives tenaciously; to never give up and keep striving for excellence, no matter what path we’ve chosen,’ he said.

The elite ability and finely sculpted physique of athletes makes it hard for us to imagine them carrying out everyday tasks. As well as showing the beauty of living and breathing your passion, this series also reflects the idea of athletes being above average in everything they do.

Here are just a few photographs from the series for you to enjoy:

"Delivery boy" Adam Crigler, Jordan Matter

"Sunday Shopping" Erik Coleman, Jordan Matter

"Valentines Day" Erik Coleman, Jordan Matter"Light Reading" Jessica Sun, Jordan Matter"Close Shave" Ken Stouffer, Jordan Matter

To see more photographs from this series visit Jordan Matter’s website and enjoy the behind the scenes video we have included in this post.

A portion of the book’s proceeds went to sports charities aiding children in distressed situations.


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Ruth is a Brisbane based journalist specialising in articles about visual art, photography, design and fashion. Co-founder of Raw Ink magazine, she enjoys uncovering interesting and unique events, issues and people to write about.

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