Ricoh has announced their latest model of the Theta 360 cameras. These line of 360 degree cameras take a complete 360 image in one snap.

Ricoh Theta Spherical Cameras Announced

Beyond the unique and bright color options (something that should come as no surprise to anyone who follows Ricoh/Pentax), these new Theta cameras are actually quite unique in the market place. In a single shot, the camera captures the full 360 degree space around the user, creating a pretty unique experience.

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This newly announced model brings with it WiFi connectivity to the Theta line, as well as the ability to capture 360 degree video. Overall, it seems like it may be a fun product to play with now and then, though with no manual controls, I don’t see many – if any – professional or semi-professional uses for this sort of device.


The price will also likely give many of you a bad taste in your mouth. But, if you are interested, you can find these new models now over on Amazon for just shy of $400.