It seems that 2015 will be the year of high megapixels, if the rumors are to be believed that is. The latest report coming out of the Canon camp is that the next Full Frame DSLR will be  around 52MP.


[REWIND: Canon Confirms High MP Sensor]

This is all centered on the fact that the new sensor is based on the same 4.2 micron pixel design as the new 7D Mark II. If you take that 4.2 micron pixel design, and extrapolate that into a full frame sized sensor, then you get roughly a 52MP sensor.

This would be a huge win for Canon, assuming the rumors of the Sony/Nikon sensors are correct. Those sensors are rumored to be in the 46MP range, so the Canon sensor would have quite an advantage in terms of megapixels. The real question though, is how would the Canon sensor compete in other areas, like Dynamic Range?

It is still unclear what the new camera will be, some rumors say it will be the 5D Mark IV and other that it will be something new. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

[via Canon Rumors]