The latest buzz in the Canon rumor mill is that the camera the company showcased in their marketing for the new CS100 is actually an upcoming, yet unannounced, Rebel line camera.


Unfortunately, that is where the information stops regarding the next Rebel. The upcoming body is expected to be announced some time shortly before CP+ in February, meaning any time in the next couple of weeks really.

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In addition to that Rebel buzz, we have something of interest for you pros out there as well. According to a report over on Canon Rumors, the long rumored 11-24mm F/4L is very close to being announced.


This news comes after the site received reports of multiple major retailers being notified about the lens and its pricing from Canon. The price CR was told though is what some might call astronomical; the rumor site is reporting that the lens will come in somewhere around the $3,000 mark. That is some major cheddar, and this lens will need to be perfect optically for that sort of a price to be taken seriously.

But even then… $3,000. Ouch!

No word on a release date yet, but if retailers are being notified, the announcement is not far off. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated when/if this new lens is announced.

[via Canon Rumors]