A primary challenge of online education is bridging the gap between watching videos and actually executing the concepts under real-life, high-pressure situations.¬† Our latest workshop series, Pressure Cooker | Live Shooting Critique,” exclusively in SLR Lounge Premium, is our unique solution.

For this series, we create an environment that simulates the pressure of working on an actual shoot. Despite the time you spend watching informative videos, practicing your craft, and even shooting in ideal conditions, nothing quite prepares you for shooting in a high-stress environment like…shooting in a high-stress environment!

To simulate a high-pressure shooting environment, we have Pye along with our team trainers film, observe and critique their live shoots. Each shoot will focus on a key lesson from the SLR Lounge workshop library.

Main Goals of this Series:

  • Allow our worldwide audience to see live examples of photographers, with various levels of experience, executing the our photography concepts.
  • Give our students a chance to see critique from the entire process, from the posing instructions to the point of capture.¬† While critiquing final images is helpful, seeing the entire process is even better!

Free Preview – Full Episode 1 Below

As a thank you for being a reader of SLR Lounge, we’re offering you the first video in this series for free. See the video below:

How to Watch the Rest

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