If the 7D rumors that have been intensifying are any indication, we are getting closer and closer to the rumored late-August announcement from Canon. Today, I have another interesting piece of info that could shed some light on a possible component of the new 7D Mark II.


According to a post over at Canon Rumors, Canon has developed a new a new 1.03x magnification APS-C viewfinder patent. The rumor originally was that the 7D Mark II may have a 1.15x magnification viewfinder, which would put it on par with 100% viewfinders on full frame cameras.

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But this patent being uncovered changes that, and it is now thought that this will more likely be the viewfinder that we see in the 7D replacement camera.

1.03x Magnification APS-C Viewfinder Patent Details


  • Patent Publication No. 2014-115451
    • Publication date 2014.6.26
    • Filing date 2012.12.10
  • Example 9
    • -3 -1 +1 Viewfinder diopter
    • Focal length f = 46.84 48.38 49.99mm
    • Eye point 22.00mm
    • 1.03 1.03 1.02x magnification
    • Pentagonal prism
    • Condenser lens made of glass
    • Eyepiece lens system with the exception of the condenser lens, 4-group structure of the positive and negative positive negative
    • In turn, resin (single-sided aspherical surface), glass, resin (single-sided aspherical surface), the material is glass
  • Patent Publication No. 2014-115452
    • Publication date 2014.6.26
    • Filing date 2012.12.20
  • Example 1
    • -3.00 -1.00 +1.00 Diopter
    • Focal length f = 62.22 59.69 57.39mm
    • Eye Relief 19.9mm
    • Maximum image height 12.4mm
    • Pupil diameter φ15mm
    • Magnification 0.87x
    • Pentagonal mirror

Overall, I am fine if this turns out to be what is in the 7D replacement. Sure, a nice and BIG 1.15x viewfinder would have been nice, but 1.03x is still not too shabby. Plus, the really important part is the 100% coverage, something Canon is known for skimping on with their lower end APS-C DSLRs. If this is truly going ot be an APS-C Flagship, than the 100% coverage is a necessity.


What are your thoughts on this new patent? Would you prefer the 1.15x or 1.03x magnification? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]