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New Patent Reveals A Reimagined Nikon 1 Design

By Anthony Thurston on February 12th 2014

The Nikon mirrorless camera offering has been, to put it lightly, not going as well as Nikon would like. Both of their Nikon 1 models, the J and V series have both been performing under expectations. Despite this, Nikon has said that they are committed to their mirrorless line, and a new patent shows that they may be looking to recapture some magic with familiar branding.


This new patent shows designs for a new Nikon 1 (mirrorless) camera with that classic Nikon red swoosh under the shutter release, as well as an aperture dial similar to that of the Df. The design looks to possibly be a new design of the J series of Nikon 1, but that is not confirmed in the patent details. At the least, it looks more like the current J1 design than the V1 design.

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Nikon-1-mirrorless-camera-design-patent-2 Nikon-1-mirrorless-camera-design-patent Nikon-1-mirrorless-camera-design-patent-5 Nikon-1-mirrorless-camera-design-patent-4 Nikon-1-mirrorless-camera-design-patent-3

What are your thoughts on this possible redesign of the Nikon 1 mirrorless line? Personally, I think it is a great idea from Nikon. It keeps the branding consistent between the DSLR line and the mirrorless line, and should help people notice the camera and recognize them as Nikons much easier.

Now we all know the real issue with the Nikon 1 line is not in the looks, but how the camera performs and if it is useable. It will be interesting to see if the redesign is more than skin deep. Share your thoughts in a comment below to join the discussion.

[via Nikon Rumors]


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  1. David Arthur

    I seriously hope that NIkon is changing their mirrorless line! I would love to add a mirrorless camera to my gear, but the nikon 1 was just not what I wanted. Not enough buttons and dials for me, burying everything in the menu is too slow for me. And the form factor was just too flashy instead of functional. And the fuji line is expensive, and I really just didn’t like the EVF.

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  2. oscar

    I’ve been looking at a smaller camera for when out and about with the family. If Nikon can improve the sensor to rival the x-trans and will make a full functioning lens adapter for it’s DSLR (AF-S G) lenses, then it will spark my interest. Otherwise, forget about it

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