Customer loyalty programs are nothing new. My favorite coffee place up the road has a punch card where after ten coffee’s I get one free. My airline gives me ‘free miles’ based on how much I fly in one calendar year. Olympus is hoping that a similar program – albeit more complicated – will help save you money on some great Olympus gear.


The new program, simply called Olympus Rewards, is designed to give US photographers a way to earn points. These points can be earned a number of ways, including: Signing up for an account, buying gear through Olympus, getting points on your birthday, writing reviews, referring friends, connecting with them on social media, etc.

After a photographer builds up a cache of points, they can cash them in on Olympus gear. Seems simple enough, but just like airline miles – it looks as if the bar will be high if you want to get something of significance for free. That said, if you already own Olympus and were already planning to buy some more, then why not sign up and possibly earn some free stuff?


You can get all the details on this new program over on the Olympus Rewards website, here.

What are your thoughts on this new rewards system for Olympus users? Does your camera brand have a similar program? If not, would you like them to implement one? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!