One of the most annoying things as a photographer, to me anyways, is wanting to practice my photography skills but falling short on ideas of how to do so. You know what I am talking bout about, that feeling when you want to go out and take pictures but you have no idea what to take pictures of. It can be really quite frustrating.

That is where ‘Ok Do This‘ comes in. The new app was developed by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart and the team at Aloompa as a way to inspire or challenge photographers to take pictures. The twist is the social aspect that they have built into the app.

[Checkout our exclusive interview with Jeremy Cowart]


The idea is that you and your friends share challenges or suggestions on pictures to take. Then everyone shares an image that fits the criteria of the suggestion or challenge. It is a really neat and unique way to get your creative juices flowing and keep your creative mind feeling sharp.

Sadly the app is currently only available for Apple iOS devices and there is no word yet on if or when an Android version will make an appearance. That said, if you own an iOS device and have a spare two dollars ($1.99 actually) then this looks like it could be a really fun app to have. You can get your hand on it by loading up the Apple App Store, or you can learn more about it from the app website here.


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What are your thoughts on this new app? Have you tried it out yet? Let us know what you think in a comment below!