Nissin is known for its high quality speedlights which sit on the higher end of the third-party spectrum. They announced their new Di700 back at Focus on Imaging 2013, but its availability was unknown. That has changed, and we now know that it is available in the UK, and will be available in the US soon.


The Nissin Di700 is a TTL compatible flash for Canon, Nikon and Sony. This speedlight is HSS (High Speed Sync) compatible with a guide number of 35 at 35mm, and 54 at 200mm. It also boasts a PC sync port as well as a 3.5mm jack and supports battery packs.

Overall this looks to be a very interesting speedlight given the price point, roughly $260 (or £169). This is directly competing with  the Yongnuo YN568EX, Canon 430EX II, and Nikon SB-700, and when comparing the features of all the Nissin has some really compelling features that the other don’t. Only the Yongnuo is a cheaper option.


(You can learn more about the Di700 from their product page. )


  • Available in Canon, Nikon and Sony Fittings (Sony available September 2013)
  • Guide Number at ISO100 in M:  GN54 (at 200M zoom head position), GN48 (at 105mm zoom head position)
  • Focal Length Coverage: 24-200mm (16mm when using the built in wide angle panel)
  • Power Source: Four AA Batteries
  • Battery Loading: Quick loading Battery Magazine
  • Re-Cycling Time: 0.1 – 4 seconds
  • Number of Flashes (Approx): 200 -1500
  • Flash Duration: 1/800th – 1/30,000th second
  • Colour Temperature: 5600K
  • Exposure Control: E-TTL 11/E-TTL (For Canon), i-TTL (Nikon) and Sony ADI/P-TTL
  • Wireless TTL slave (see note 3), non –TTL Slave SD mode – SF mode (see note 4)
  • EV Compensation on Flash: -2 to +2 in increments of ½ EV
  • Bounce Position:  Up 90 deg, Down 7 deg, Left 180 deg, Right 180 deg (with flash head tilting / rotating lock release button)
  • Flash Exposure Control: 1st – Curtain Synchronisation, 2nd Curtain Synchronisation, High Speed Synchronisation, Red – Eye Reduction, Slow Speed Synchronisation (Nikon model only), FE/FV Lock (Set on Camera)
  • AF – assist Beam effective range: 0.7- 6M / 2.3-19.7 feet
  • Operation Panel: LCD Colour Panel, selector dial.
  • External Service Ports: External power source socket, PC terminal, 3.5mm synch. socket
  • Accessories included: Soft case, Flash Stand (With screw)
  • Dimensions: 40 (H) x 75(W) x 115(D)mm
  • Weight 350g (Without batteries)

The Di700 is currently available for pre-order on B&H, and is expected to be available on July 31st 2013. If you want something of higher quality than the Yongnuo offerings, but still don’t have the money for a Canon/Nikon branded speedlight than this Nissin may be the one for you.

[via Lighting Rumors]