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New Nikon 135mm F/2 Lens Image Leaked, Real or Fake?

By Anthony Thurston on March 31st 2014

Ask anyone who has used it, and the Canon 135mm F/2 will usually pass with flying colors. Personally, it is one of my favorite prime lenses that Canon makes. So when this  image of a Nikon 135mm F/2 (seen below) leaked online over the weekend, you can imagine the excitement over it. But is it real?


There have been some pretty good “fake” image leaks in the past, and this – if it is indeed fake – would be up there as one of the better ones (in my opinion). There are a few things that make me lean a bit towards it being fake though, and those things are:

  • There has been almost no mention of this lens in the rumor mill. Usually by the time that a lens has quality product images done like this, it has been mentioned on the rumor sites.
  • There are no feet markings on the focus distance scale. Could be an indicator that it is fake, or possibly the feet markings cannot be seen in the photo.
  • It was mentioned in other comments on various sites that the white dot is small, and that on the newer Nikon lenses they have been larger. Again, not something that screams FAKE, but nudges you in that direction.

Is this Nikon 135mm F/2 Lens Real or Fake?

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What do you think? Is this a fake or real image leak? Real or not, what are your thoughts on Nikon releasing a new 135mm F/2?

Nikon’s current 135mm f/2 is already quite a winner, but it receives little mention due to the fact that it is many years old and contains Nikon’s oft misunderstood “DC” system (De-focus Control?) that allows you to manipulate your depth of field in a way that no ordinary lens aperture can.

[via Nikon Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. OC Mike

    Let me start out by stating that the biggest dirty little secret sitting in plain sight is that if you look at all lens that would fit onto a full frame Nikon camera under 180mm, you woukd find that the Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens is the third best oens of any size under 180mm that’s been made in the history of mankind. If I include lens up to 200 mm, then it would be 4th best in the history of the world. The other two are Zeiss and the 200mm is the Nikon Fatboy lens. Why do I state this first? It s because Zeiss will be soon releasing their pricey 85mm portrait lens…everyone else be prepared to slide down one notch. Nikon knows this and they are into bragging rights just like any competition. 135mm Defocus Control…one of my nicest specialty lens but it’s use is limited for me. And that’s why this lens would not be produced as a new Nikon lens…not enough market share. Not enough profit. It won’t happen…but if it ever does, it will be a $2,000 lens.Nikon is going to be way too, too busy fuguring out how to introduce 4K video into both their old and never been invented before models. And Nikon will lose this race because Nikon plods along…you simply cannot turn a cow into a race horse. Sony on the otherhand generates a machine like manufacturing production of new items…some win and some lose, but that’s ok to Sony. Not to Nikon, the very existence of Nikon’s future is at stake. If Nikon’s new 135mm has vibration control, then it will look like a baby 200mm Fatboy… Not an elongated 85mm. Therefore, this photo MUST be a fake.

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  2. Lanye

    Little late to the party, but is it just me or does the front glass look 125% fake? A girl can dream, but I can’t put stock into anything this close to April 1.

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  4. Ryan Cooper

    Honestly, I would be eager to see what Nikon has in store for the 135mm focal length because their current offering is starting to get painfully out of date. For it’s time their 135mm F2 DC is a legendary lens but it just isn’t up to snuff anymore with only mediocre resolving power and slow autofocus.

    That said, I imagine, just like the 58mm F1.4 that it will be vastly over priced for what it is and that even though I will look at the lens and be impressed by the engineering of it and all I probably will just wait for Sigma to hit the market with a 135mm Art lens that will match or exceed the Nikon in performance at half the price.

    (Nikon feel free to surprise me though)

    Also on a side note, while I don’t expect the DC to find it’s way into the next generation I would be pretty surprised if Nikon didn’t try to squeeze VR into a new 135mm prime.

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  5. Matthew Saville

    Ironically, even though this is probably a fake it is quite representative of what a 135mm f/2 will look like. A bloated / elongated 85mm f/1.4.

    The real question is, will it include Nikon’s original “DC” mechanism for portraiture “bokeh management”, …or not? Also, will it include VR or not?

    Personally, I’d much rather just see them build a killer prime at an affordable price, without either of those features. I’d love to see VR at this focal length, but if it adds more than $400-$500 to the price, I’d happily do without it.

    So, give me a 135mm f/2 G ED / N for $999, or at at most $1399 or $1499. (And even then, I think most photographers would balk at the price if it were more than $1299, the price of the current Nikon 135 f/2)


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    • Anthony Thurston

      I agree with everything you said there Matt. Sadly though, if Nikon’s pricing strategy remains the same we will likely see something way over priced.

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