Music videos generally fall into one of two camps, either ultra high budget with sponsors and product placement or bare bones and low budget. In the case of Leverage Models’ new single, “Sweep,” they were able to get some big budget looks on a shoestring budget of under $500.  First watch the video, here:

Now the music itself may not be your cup of tea, but what if I were to tell you that the whole thing was shot with an Iphone and SLR lens adapter. Seriously. No dslr, no special cameras, just an iphone and one of those gimmicky lens adapters that we always make fun of as photographers.

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The joke is apparently on us because this video is legit. It looks professional, and has a great look, and to be able to capture all of that with a iphone is pretty darned impressive if you ask me. According to the video’s creator, Rob Hatch-Miller, the footage was a hit from the beginning.

It seemed like everyone there was aware SLR adapters for iPhone existed, but almost no one had used one or even seen one in person. Everyone there said they were blown away by how cool the footage looked straight off the iPhone screen.

It just goes to show that it is not the equipment that you have, it is how you choose to use it. If these guys can make a high quality music video with an iphone and lens adapter then just think about what you should be able to accomplish with your DSLR. Now go forth and create awesome videos to share with me.