Good camera sliders are imperative for smooth tracking shots while recording video or motion timelapse images of any kind. Unfortunately, “good” camera sliders can be very expensive, so much so that many end up going with cheaper options that really are not worth the trouble.


Enter the Magic Carpet, a new camera slider that is both relatively affordable and yet still incredibly well built. Magic Carpet is the latest product release from Syrp, the company behind the “Genie” motion slider attachment.

Magic Carpet Features


  • Adjustable quick-release legs
  • Genie – Motion control ready
  • Counter weight wheel for vertical shots
  • Smooth ball bearing roller carriage
  • Tool-less changing between 3/8 UNC and 1/4 UNC threads
  • 2.6ft or 5.2ft track options

This reminds me a lot of the new Cinevate Duzi slider, but the different track options and the easy addition of motion control with the Genie give this a great edge. The $299 price tag for the 2.5ft model is still rather expensive for many, but it is nowhere near as expensive as some of the other higher end sliders out there. The Cinevate Duzi which I just mentioned as a similar product comes in at $399 for a 2ft version, so even just basing it off of that you can see that the $299 price tag is a good one.

I have been looking for a good slider that wasn’t so incredibly expensive. While I do have a use for a slider, I don’t use them enough to justify a $400+ purchase, but $299 – while stretching a bit – is much easier to swallow.

If you are interested in giving the Magic Carpet a shot you can head on over to the Syrp website and place your order now. As mentioned you can buy a 2ft version, 5ft version, or a bundle that comes with both lengths of track.


What are your thoughts on this Magic Carpet slider? Do the features justify the $299 price tag or is it still too expensive for your taste? Leave a comment below!

[via Syrp]