Who doesn’t love a good bullet time effect, whether it be like the original Matrix effect or more recent renditions like the Lightspin project. The unique perspective and ability to see a single subject form multiple angles in the same video clip is always very cool to see. The problem with the “Bullet Time” effect has always been the long post processing time needed to stitch the videos together.


Broadcasting Company NHK has announced that their engineers have developed a new way to get this effect during live TV broadcasts. The obvious target market for this technology is sporting events such as football, basketball, soccer, boxing, etc. According to NHK they hope that this technology can be used and possibly even replace the current use of instant replay.


Just think about if, in the NFL for example, the referee needed to get a better look at a play for a challenge. Currently they have about 2-4 different camera angles to look through, but if this technology was being utilized they could have the ability to really dial in the angle they need to see what happened or didn’t happen and to make the correct call. This is just one possible use of the technology from a sports perspective.

[via DIY Photography]