Software company onOne is known for their popular suite of photo editing applications for your desktop and laptop systems, but now they are setting their sights on the mobile processing market. They recently released an iOS version of their popular “Perfect B&W” desktop application and they hope that it has the mojo to go up against similar apps from Google(Nik) and Adobe.

Perfect B&W offer many advanced features that other mobile processing apps do not have including the ability to save personal presets. Other features include:

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and detail with touch-controlled sliders
  • Get the effect of colour filters after the shot to enhance contrast and brightness of the details you care about
  • Replicate darkroom processes and get the monochromatic looks of sepia, cyanotype, copper, and selenium.
  • Instantly share to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

In addition to process the images you can also take images directly from within the app making the workflow even easier. The app is currently only available for iOS, but oene would assume that an Android version is likely in the works. You can get your hands on the iOS app for a mere $1.99, a great deal for a really full featured B&W processing app.

You can get the App Here.

Let us know in a comment below how much image processing you do on images from your phone.