Lets face it, camera phones have made leaps and bounds since they were first introduced years go. The benefits have meant that anyone anywhere can take a decent quality image and share it with the world, while the double edge sword of it all has meant a sharp decline in compact camera sales and professional photographer’s bottom lines.


It should come as no surprise then that the new iPhone 5s which Apple announced earlier today has some camera improvements built in. The interesting thing about the improvements is that they are in areas that are uncommon for new phones. Camera and Phone manufacturers love Megapixels, they love them because there is the false thinking among many consumers that more equals better. Apple made the unpopular decision here and upgraded the camera without increasing the megapixels over the previous iPhone model.

The biggest improvement to the new iPhone camera is in the sensor, which is now 15% larger than before. This means that this new iPhone camera will likely have better low light performance, though how much better is unknown until we can actually test it out. The improvements in the sensor have also lead to other benefits, including a new 10fps max setting for still image capture. Not bad, beats my 7D (and most other DSLRs) in speed, thats for sure.

You can also now shoot 720p video at 120fps for slow motion playback, in what is probably the coolest of the new iPhone camera features. It is likely that the image quality from the camera will leave a lot to be desired for video, but the ability to shoot at 120fps will surely lead to some hilarious viral videos.

Lastly, the new iPhone 5s also comes with a new lens and flash. The new flash will be able to adjust its color temperature to better mix with the lighting in the scene being captured. This is a great improvement over the previous iPhone camera flash which was notorious for not mixing well with virtually any light.

What are your thoughts on this new iphone 5s from a photographic perspective? Are you excited about the new camera and features or do they leave you wanting more? Let us know in a comment below.