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New Image Stabilized Prime Lenses Coming From Canon in 2014 [Rumor]

By Anthony Thurston on November 27th 2013


We have heard rumors of new Canon bodies that may be coming out like the Canon 7D Mark II and the Canon EOS-1 D Xs, and now we are hearing things about some of the lenses that they coming out with in 2014.

According to a report on Canon Rumors we can expect to see new IS (Image Stabilization) versions of the 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm prime lenses. This will be a boon to video shooters where IS is critical for getting smooth shots, but this could also have a negative impact for still photographers.

In the report it is said that the new lenses will be slower than F/1.8, likely meaning either an F/2 or F/2.8 aperture. So while these new lenses will be stabilized they will not be as valuable in low light for anyone who shoots moving subjects.

Again, these are just rumors and they can be (more than likely) wrong. But this is pretty big news in my mind if this is in fact what Canon has coming out. This will likely be met with joy (for the most part) from the video shooters, but I think this will irritate most stills people. Vote in the poll below and let me know what you think…

What do you think of Canon slowing down their primes and adding IS?

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I am actually pretty torn on this myself. I love that my primes have fast apertures, but for my video work I would love to have IS over F/1.8 any day. I rarely shoot faster than F/2.8 anyway though, so maybe I am over thinking it. I guess ill have to wait and see what actually comes of these rumors…

[via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Paul Monaghan

    Or add sensor stabilization, even my old manual and m42 glass is stabilized on my k5 (even during video), and I can still use OiS lens from sigma and choose which version of stabilization to use.

    Panasonic added sensor stabilization to there newest m4/3 camera (gx7) which were all using lens based before hand so it can be done.

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  2. JT

    Waste of money when ISO tech is getting so good we wont need to worry about a slow shutter in the not too distance future. How about reduce the price of your existing stock (namely L series) not just add more shite to your line-up, we have enough ‘choice’ as it is. JMO

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  3. Florin

    But they will probably come at double the price… look at what they did with the 24-70 F4 IS… the image quality gains are there but not that great to replace the old 24-105 F4 IS and to be double the price. And i don`t argue that IS isn`t a great addition to those lenses, but for most of the top videographers who shoot from monopods/steadi/sliders IS isn`t really needed till you go above 85mm and not even there, i personally managed to shoot with 70-200 F2.8 without IS from monopod with success.

    Better work on those CA and softness wide open than introduce IS on those lenses.

    More helpful from Canon`s side towards the video shooters would be that they make the 5D Mk3 record simultaneously on the CF and SD cards in video mode, since for now only photographers have the backup option.

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  4. Matthew Saville

    Regarding the slowing down of primes in order to add stabilization, I think it all depends on how much slower the lens “NEEDS” to get in order to add stabilization.

    For example, Canon already has the 35mm f/2 IS and I would totally love to own it compared to a 35 1.4 without stabilization. I would also totally buy a 50mm f/2 with stabilization. However by the time you get to 85mm, DOF and bokeh become more important to me because those are my favorite focal lengths. So, f/1.8-f/1.4 or bust! The same thing goes for 135mm. If you’d have to slow it down to f/2.8 in order to add stabilization, I wouldn’t go for it.

    Of course, I understand that other people may feel the opposite way. Telephoto primes are my favorite and a very important part of my style, so a medium / wider prime is just a “fill in the gaps” type lens for me. Oppositely, if a photographers’ shooting style is more wide angle and the telephoto lenses are just a supplement to their kit, then I could imagine them being “no-compromises” with a 35mm f/1.4 and 50mm f/1.2-1.4 and “settling” for an 85mm f/2 IS and/or 135mm f/2.8 IS…

    So, different strokes for different folks. Here’s to hoping that we all get a little bit of what we want next year! 2013 definitely was significantly underwhelming in the full-frame prime department, aside from 2-3 lenses total.


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    • Anthony Thurston

      The difference between F/1.8 and F/2 is minimal. So if they only drop to F/2 I think that is not a huge deal. Anyway you slice it, it looks like its going to be an interesting year from Canon.

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  5. Matthew Saville

    OMG I really really really REALLY hope that both Nikon and Canon make a 135mm f/2 with stabilization in 2014!!!!!! Yes please!


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