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New Fujifillm X-Series Portrait Lens — 85mm Equivalent, f/1.2

By Adam Kuzik on January 6th 2014

Fujifilm announces fast portrait lens for X-series cameras that surpasses picture quality of full-frame equivalents!


January 6, 2014: Today, Fujifilm Corporation announced the release of the FUJINON XF 56mm F1.2 R lens. Available from February 2014, this latest addition to the company’s line up of professional-grade lenses for X-series interchangeable-lens cameras features a fast maximum aperture of F1.2, a 35mm format equivalent focal length of 85mm and delivers beautiful bokeh, making it particularly suitable for high quality portraits.


From inception, I have always been a fan of the X-series. Everything about them is professional quality. The addition of an 85mm equivalent, F1.2 might actually be a game changer for pros!

[Via: @Fujifilm]

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Adam Kuzik is the founder and owner of Studio 35 Photography + Video based near Calgary, Canada. He is a professional wedding and commercial photographer as well as an industry educator.

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  1. Shane Laake


    I’m also quite confident most normal and wider lenses built for mirrorless cameras have a fundamental advantage over those with a larger offset (due to SLR mirrors) due to simpler optical design. I’ve used enough scout scopes on rifles to see that.

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  2. Shane Laake

    I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and have one on order. Do recall that part of what makes other lens maker’s top line 85mms (either f/1.2 or f/1.4) is the intent to make a world class lens. Their 85mm 1.8s are very good, but that extra effort went into the flagships. That as much as specific focal lengths/apertures defines these lenses, despite being a less quantifiable factor. I’m also quite confident most normal and wider lenses not built for mirrorless cameras have a fundamental advantage over those with a larger offset (due to SLR mirrors) due to simpler optical design. I’ve used enough scout scopes on rifles to see that.

    Fuji’s other high end primes (which I consider most but the 18mm and 27mm lenses) are outstanding and hold their own against any peer. I’m a littler apprehensive after Sigma’s announcement of their new 50mm f/1.4 (I also have a Nikon that would love to take the new Sigma for a spin), but I really like the X system.

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  3. Pablo

    I saw this lens and I like the way it looks, but as soon as I saw the price, I knew I would not buy this lens. I think this would be like an 85mm f1.8 in a Full Frame lens, I might be wrong, but I would not pay 1,000 dollars for a 85mm f1.8? :) unless there is something super important that this lens does, I’m saving my money for something better.

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  4. Joel

    Maybe I’ve got this wrong but from what I’ve always been taught and found to be true is that while crop factor changes the perspective you get with a lens, it doesn’t change the characteristics you get with that lens.

    When you put a 35mm lens on a 1.5x or 1.6x crop camera body it gives you the 50mm perspective but the slight wide angle distortion is still present on your subject. The same is true with the 50mm lens on a crop camera, it might look like 85mm but if you try to take a head shot with that combo its not going to be all that flattering to your subject.

    Isn’t the same thing true for these Fuji or m4/3 lenses? So you’re getting the 85mm perspective, but it’s still not a lens you want to take a tight portrait with, or am I getting this confused somehow?

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    • Tom K

      There’s endless debate about this in terms of DOF, etc, but in terms of how it shows someone’s facial features (assuming the lense doesn’t have significant image distortion, e.g. pincushion), all that matters is the effective distance you’d shoot from to achieve a particular framing. In that respect, since you’d stand in the same spot to shoot with this lens as an 85mm on a FX, it’s effectively the same in terms of what it would do to someone’s facial features.

      (Another way to put it: the perspective is created by the relative angles between the points on the person’s face as they travel through one central point in the middle of the lens. If you have multiple cameras shooting from the same physical location, they should all produce the same image, except that the framing might vary a bit depending on the size and shape of the sensor and magnification of the lens. If the lenses they have on have similar effective magnification relative to the sensor, the framing will also be similar.)

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  5. David

    Yeah I’m not sold, it seems the statement is less about factual evidence than it is about making a headline. As the above guys mentioned it won’t have a DOF of a true 1.2 on a 35mm sensor, and as creamy as 7 aperture blades are it simply can not be as smooth or as round as 9 aperture blades.

    Right off the bat without MTF data this seems completely over sold hype. When Sigma released their 35mm they let the quality speak for itself.

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  6. Ryan

    What would suggest that it surpasses full-frame equivalents, like Canon’s 85mm f1.2? The cropped sensor makes dof a bit deeper and I’m not sure how much creamier and beautiful bokeh can get than the canon or sigma 85mm lenses. Don’t get me wrong, I love the image quality I get on the fuji 23mm and 35mm 1.4 lenses. You’re right, fuji’s description suggests this new lens is still “pretty darn good,” but to assume it surpasses full-frame lenses without any evidence is a little much. I’m honestly having a hard time swallowing the expected $1,000 price tag! Sigma’s 85mm 1.4 is less than $1k and is phenomenal. I’ll be impressed if this lens is better.

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  7. JT

    but it is still a cropped sensor right? so the depth of field wont match the 85 1.2 L

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